Tips and Tricks to Help with Your Marketing

Tips and Tricks to Help with Your Marketing

The one thing that every business wants is more customers. Generating leads is one thing, but converting them is another battle in itself. Once you know the basics however, building a marketing plan to reach them is an easy-to-execute process.

If you’re looking for a plan that expands on your current marketing tactics, here are 3 things to consider.

1. Create Buyer Personas

Before you conduct any marketing, you need to have a detailed understanding of who you are trying to reach. This can be done through the creation of buyer personas. Each fictional persona you create will describe a potential customer that may use your product/service. This will include core demographics and interests and should represent a real person (with a name and everything!). By treating this persona as a real person, you can will curate a deeper understanding of how they need to be targeted. With these in place, your content can then speak to them directly.

This will ultimately increase your chances of converting your target audience.

2. Conduct Keyword Research

Any business with a website needs to be aware of what their focus keywords are. These phrases, which can consist of short-tail or long-tail terms, are what your customers will be using to search for you on the search engines. It’s therefore essential that your website uses these keywords appropriately throughout its relevant pages. Whilst many believe they can choose these keywords without plan or forethought, there’s more to it than meets the eye.

How difficult will it be to rank for these keywords? What search volume do they receive? These are questions that you need to be asking when building a keyword strategy. If you’re not sure how to navigate this area, agencies such as Key Content can do your keyword research for you. Outsourcing this part of your marketing may be needed if you want to rank well.

3. Build an Email Marketing Funnel

Email marketing is a technique that not everyone wants to get involved in when they start to market their business. Things like PPC and social media often seem like the easier approach, but email marketing can work wonders for your company. A marketing funnel is simply how a visitor on your website will turn into a paying customer. The funnel will consist of various steps that the lead will pass through to be converted. If we apply that to email marketing, this would be a series of emails that a customer receives.

To get started, you will need to build an email list which can be done through your website through using features such as opt-in forms. Once you’ve generated your leads, they then need to be engaged through your email series. Through an automated, but careful crafted process, you can then reach the end of your funnel and work on the conversion stage.

4. Invest in Online Reputation Management Services

In recent years, digital marketing has evolved beyond seeding just positive content for brands. With the increase in digital platforms, competitors and rival agencies can be guilty of badmouthing the brand with the intention of eroding its credibility. This has prompted several great brands and their agencies to start investing and pursuing effective online reputation management services. This helps track all the negative content that has been used in the brand’s name and then take meaningful action to get it taken down. Imagine if the entire webspace was filled with negative criticism about the brand. This is why reputation management has become such a critical aspect of any brand’s digital marketing strategy. 


By following these marketing tips, you will hopefully be able to develop your leads and build on your ROI.

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