The Ultimate Guide to Use Twitter for Business Success in 2019

The Ultimate Guide to Use Twitter for Business Success in 2019

Businesses have acknowledged the power that social media beholds for commercial growth opportunities.


Social media has diverse platforms with diverse possibilities and utilities. Especially Twitter, It is a micro-blogging social platform with macro-exposure prospects. Twitter and businesses are closely related to each other.
An average user on Twitter follows around 5 business profiles and 80% of the users have mentioned a brand at least once in their tweets.

Twitter & Business

Twitter is a platform that delivers information on any global topic that we may be interested in such as pop culture, Global news, brands & promotions, trends & fashion.
Twitter has over 325 million monthly active users with 500 million tweets being sent each day. It also stated about receiving 50% more ad engagements from the users.
Twitter as a platform allows you to connect not just with friends and families, but way beyond that.
You can interact with brands, celebrities, political figures or even world leaders on a global scale. You can also check out the 25+ Best Twitter Followers Apps (2021).
The opportunity to reach and attract millions of users through a social platform, 280 characters, and without any cost makes it a definite choice for marketers for their business growth.
Although Twitter is not as huge as Instagram and Facebook, the power of interaction and engagement that it holds along with exposure potential makes it the right choice for marketing.
We have listed a few points as to why twitter should be used for the success of your Business in 2019.

Identify & connect with your audience

It is important to know who your target audience is and formulate a marketing strategy focusing on them. As targeting millions of users won’t get you anywhere and you would end up wasting resources without any outcomes.
Through social monitoring, you can identify what the people are talking about, their interest areas, topic engagements, historical data, demographics, and more audience insights.
Based on these, you can choose the right target audience and create buyer personas for effective marketing.
Having a set of defined audience will allow you to create a more personalized marketing plan with supreme consumer experience and engagement.
Further, you can interact and engage with your followers through tweets, photos, re-tweets, chat sessions, and responses. This will create a sense of appreciation, reward, and community among your followers and connectivity with your business leading to trust and loyalty.

Embed Twitter Widget on the website

Embedding Twitter widget on your website is a great way to channelize Twitter traffic onto your website.
As your social presence might have a huge following but if you don’t link it with your digital presence, it won’t make much positive impact on your business.
And as more traffic is directed to the website it automatically enhances the possibilities to get more conversions and maximum customers.
Embedding feed onto your website is easy, as it can be done by the Twitter aggregation tool. The tool allows you to harness all relevant data from Twitter relating your business or topic of interest into a single feed using hashtags, keywords, and handles.
You can even customize the feed to make it more interesting, creative, attractive, and engaging.
And also moderate the content to show only relevant and best quality content.
This tool is extremely helpful in amplifying exposure, increasing reach & discoverability, easy website navigation, more conversions and eventually leading to growing revenue.

Explore UGC possibilities

User-generated content is available in abundance for the marketers to use as millions of tweets are sent every day. Besides, UGC is a free form of content posted voluntarily by the users for the world to see.
And Twitter could be the best platform for UGC content re-marketing as the character limit allows the users to express more sentiments and opinions in lesser words.
UGC is the most trustworthy, authentic, and experience-based content that highly influences the buying decisions of consumers. Positive UGC is a validation of social proof for any business.
Therefore, with high-quality content, easy availability, and trustworthiness of the content among the users makes it a wise option to exploit in the marketing strategy for your business.

Bring in visual marketing

Although the character limit is set to 280 for a tweet this does not mean that people will definitely read the text.
Users nowadays are interested in visuals like beautiful images, infographics, high-quality videos, GIFs, and other visual content.
It is essential that you use visuals in your tweets and it gives an imaginative and visual memory to the viewers. And 65% of the people are better able to recall a visual compared to a text post.
HubSpot mentioned that tweets with images receive 150% more retweets than those without images.
Visuals are calming and delight to the eyes and they also provide more information in a smaller size with greater effectivity. And engagement rate is way higher with visual content comparatively leading to positive commercial results.

Make use of trends

Twitter is the most popular channel for information-sharing when it comes to recent trends and news. Besides, people are attracted to the mix of trends & news and humor & entertainment.
You as a business should keep up with the trending topics and global news to share your opinion on it and show the humor side of your business by posting clever and funny tweets about trends & news.
This will help in humanizing your brand and people will be able to connect better with you.
This is a great way to build an online community and grow following for your business.

To Conclude

Twitter presents a huge opportunity from identifying your target audience, building relationships, encourage engagement, gain audience insights to eventually grow your conversions and revenue.
You just need to define your social goals and objectives and based on that you can integrate these ideas for your Twitter marketing campaign.
This will harness more refined and resourceful leads and conversions, providing effective use of marketing budget and value for investment.

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Anne Griffin

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