The next big thing in UX UI designs in 2019

The next big thing in UX UI designs in 2019

Having a compelling user interface is significant for excellent user experience. The core of your online presence hugely relies on impeccable UX of your business website.

Many web and mobile-based design structures have already failed to be effective. However, designers are surely gearing up to bring revolutionary advancements in terms of new technologies and features.

Certainly, the main focus would be devising an effectual creation that leads to a perfect impression on users.

Predicting the imperative design approaches for the upcoming years is not entirely eventual but new elevations in the design industry will lead us to derive next big design features for the upcoming year. Here are a few trends and advancements in UX design that are supposed to dominate in 2019.

Custom Illustrations

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Expressing the ideas through impressive visual interpretations is served as interactive and elegant means of drawing user’s intentions. In the era where there are massive sources to gather a piece of information, visually appealing illustrations are ideal to recall a message. The blend of colors and shapes creates an emotional appeal with support to the overall structure of the webpage.

Textual representations without visuals look tedious and remember most users rely on scanning through the site, so meaningful artworks can create great context communications among users. This is because the human brain can perceive the information fast through images as compared to text. Defining your brand goals within the illustrations can bring along great brand connections and are significant for brand recall.

Micro animations

For enriched interactions and to support the hierarchy of elements, designers prefer to utilize their creativity in the form of functional micro animations. To manipulate the whole information in a given context and to initiate essential actions, micro animations have proven to entice interests of users.

The micro-animations can be utilized in the following ways;

Call to action

To initiate an action after a user has approached certain area of your site or upon the successful attainment of specific qualifications the system will initiate a trigger in the form of micro animation.


For smart touch-based devices, user’s feedback is being acquired by the use of micro animations. After completing an action the small animations offer great support to make users informed. These can be used to provide tips and ideas for certain elements on your website and also to encourage them to share or like the content.

To create focus

To get users engaged, designers are now more prone to introduce swiping and dragging elements in the ecommerce UX design, as users get easily attracted by the moving objects.

Also, micro animations are utilized to navigate on the website; these elements are usually hidden and allow designers to include all the necessary information on a small screen.


Reaching your audiences by knowing their hobbies, interests, habits, likes, and dislikes is ideal for effective marketing. It enhances the decision making capability and through personal profiles, you can generate emotional triggers among users. The psychographic profiles allow marketers to reach their potential customers through consumer opinions to certainly create a strong impact.

By analyzing the psychographics profiles of different users, you have the advantage to target them through impulsive decision-making approach. The study of consumers, what they love and how they deal or interact in certain situations, help users to determine whether to buy the product or not. Often psychographics is combined with demographics to deduce more effective results.

Demographics are referred to as a visual representation of user's statistics like gender, age, and marital status etc. These methods are easy to execute and helpful to capture divergent audiences.

Voice based interfaces

Voice based interfaces

Over the recent years, voice search interface has made a mark by enabling users to interact through their voice. This will keep on sparkling the next year too. Developers are now more concerned about creating systems that are more conversational timbre than bots and to add little personal traits like humor.

Big techs like Amazon, Google, and iPhone are already leading the way by introducing highly functional voice assistants.

VUI (Voice User Interface) is surely a great medium to interact with the technology. The designers now have the leverage to influence how to perceive the customer's experiences. It is now their job to make it easy for users to navigate between different voice-based systems and without the visual depiction of the call to action elements. It is a big challenge to anticipate the user's intention through voice-based applications.

Simple Flat design

Flat design was initially created to target small screen devices that allow the webpage to scale smoothly, utilizing simple shapes and texture. It offers an optimal user experience with classically digital aesthetics. The popularity of flat designs hasn’t diminished yet and will continue to foster in the upcoming year. It features bright colors with clean minimalistic design and two-dimensional illustrations. Its bright contrasting colors serve as attention grabbers and alluring color blocks create eye catchy illusions that allow quickly perceiving the message.

The UI elements are most prominent and crispy edges make them more noticeable and tempting. The adaptation of industry leaders like IOS and Instagram have boosted the popularity of flat designs and blend of color transitions with amazing color overlays and illustrations have solidified its popularity.

Motion graphics

To create fast audience engagement creative agencies have widely utilized motions graphics for their marketing campaigns and promotional teasers and trailers became the eye alluring implications to entice the audiences.

When it comes to the year 2019, 3D will come up with great opportunities and will amaze everyone with stunning near life presentations. The trendy amalgam of 2d and 3d will continue to intensify in the year 2019.

2d image overlays mixed with 3d elements will approach as leading and exclusive visual experience. Designers are expected to perform more experiments on animated logos and will come up with more and interesting ways to grab user’s attention.

Ending Line

In the realm of unrealistic business goals, designers are also expected to move with the pace and should always keep an eye on inevitable changes in the design industry. 2019 is seemed to dominate with updated design techniques and great variations in color, typography, and shapes.Moreover, motion graphics, in the form of 2d and 3d animations will confront a will a great demand by marketers to generate leads.

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Syeed Waqqas
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