The Jobs Artificial Intelligence Will Take Over First

The Jobs Artificial Intelligence Will Take Over First

Listen closely. Can you hear the clang of metallic feet slowly approaching?

Technology has evolved rapidly in the past few decades, and that looks set to continue with the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) which could change the job market forever.
The advancement of this kind of tech has meant several industries could soon shift from using biological workers to those of a more mechanical variety. But who’s most at risk? Surprisingly, a study from RS Online has found as many as 54% of employees in the catering industry could find themselves on the chopping block. The irony.
But it’s not just this industry coming under fire, as the study highlights. Here are some of the other areas where you could soon face robotic replacement:

  • Arts, entertainment and recreation, where 45% of roles are under fire
  • Construction, where 39% of jobs could be lost
  • Property, where 31% of people could be out of work

Are you worried about your future? The good news is these changes aren’t expected to come in until 2035, so you have over a decade-and-a-half to improve your skills. Find out which other jobs are under fire in the infographic below:

Jobs Taken By Robots 2019

Posted by Jessica Kelly

Jessica Kelly

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