Technologies powering and transforming the mobile casino platforms of today

Technologies powering and transforming the mobile casino platforms of today

The mobile casino apps are all the rage in the online gambling industry today.

Their constantly increasing availability across China, Italy, UK, US and many other countries of the world is resulting in a major spike in the global clientele of online gambling. If we look closely, it is the advancements in the mobile casino technology and the innovations in this field that are responsible for this growth. As per Market Watch, the online gambling market world-over is expected to be in the vicinity of $ 74 billion by the year 2023. Keeping that in mind, let’s acquaint you with some notable technologies that are powering and transforming the mobile casino platforms of today.

Cryptocurrency Casinos

Considering the constantly growing popularity of cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin in online gambling, a large number of online casinos have started accepting them as valid payment methods. However, the role of block chain technology that is behind cryptocurrencies, goes far beyond than just being a means of payment.
Block chain functions like a public ledger, distributed amongst multiple networks. Every cryptocurrency transaction gets recorded in real time and since each one of these transactions is sealed through cryptography, within a decentralised system, there is a very minimum risk of fraud. This works as a great assurance for people worried about using their bitcoins for mobile gambling. Live Dealer Baccarat at Mansion has been my favorite place to play as the platform is very flexible about accepting bitcoins as a valid deposit method.

Cloud Gaming Tech

Cloud gaming services have enabled online casinos to offer their games without the need of downloading any app on the player’s device. In this technology, it’s the Internet that does all the heavy work, reducing the load on the player’s phone. As a result, the players enjoy smoother gameplay and faster speeds.

Virtual Reality

This technology is already making online casino games highly immersive. Although the more expensive software and headsets must be used with high-end equipment and laptops, you can still buy affordable VR gear today and enjoy immersive mobile games on your handset. This technology transports you into a virtual world, and makes online casino games far more exciting than the regular 2D kinds. In case you’re interested in building VR apps like these, here is a Beginner’s Guide that you can use.

Live Dealer Mobile Casinos

Anyone not having the time and/or means to visit brick-and-mortar casinos can still enjoy an almost-similar gambling experience through live dealer casino technology. Using this tech, you can play live dealer casino games like blackjack, baccarat etc. on your mobile phone, with an actual dealer operating from a remote location, and served on your mobile device through a real-time feed.
Such live dealer mobile casino games are in huge demand in Asian countries like China, Thailand and Malaysia. While UK and US have always been the front-runners in online gambling trends, these newer gaming regions are willing to try anything and everything that is offered to them.

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