Tech Startup Trends To Watch Out For In 2019

Tech Startup Trends To Watch Out For In 2019

Tech Startup Trends To Watch Out For In 2019

Technology moves at such a fast pace that predicting trends over the next 12 months puts you in danger of falling behind even as you write.

However, smart tech experts have their eyes on several tech startups that look sure to make their mark in 2019. Don’t miss out on what’s happening in the world of technology. Not to mention that IT consulting has never been more necessary today due to its extensive range of applications- from business strategies and even to organizational cybersecurity.

We look at some of the tech startups to watch out for and why you should follow them.

Artificial Intelligence

Admittedly this is not anything new but the progress that will be made within this technology is startling.

AI already shows up in so many things we do, from predicting outcomes to helping with online shopping but over the next 12 months, be prepared for even more change.

Voice AI is already rolling out across the world and this trend will only get more popular as talking to your smart devices becomes the norm. Advances look likely to be made in senior care and helping vulnerable people live more independent lives with the aid of voice activated AI.

Self Drive Cars

Already being trialled in cities across the world, this eco friendly answer to crowded roads looks set to make its mark next year.

Fully electric they cut down on petrol, unlike their gas guzzling counterparts and claim to be safer for women and vulnerable people looking for a taxi.

Susannah Forbes, a Tech Consultant at Assignment Help and OXEssays, said: “There’s no stopping companies like Tesla, who are trialling these vehicles globally. Electric cars are the way forward and driverless vehicles should see a dramatic reduction in pollution and traffic on our roads.”


It’s on its way and ready to take our processing speeds to the next level. This incredibly speedy technology will pave the way for better and more complex experiences with virtual and augmented reality.

This technology is expected to start rolling out towards the end of next year and into 2020 but experts remain hopeful that it may hit some countries even sooner.

Areas of China and Asia are already making promising steps towards implementing 5G and are considered to be the first areas that will benefit from the new tech.


From its humble beginnings printing has gone from the printing press to the 3D and this technology looks set to get pushed even further with the onset of some exciting tech breakthroughs.

While 3D printing is not without its issues, trend spotters predict that teething problems will be ironed out, paving the way for even greater achievements.

In fact 3D metal printing is widely predicted as the next big step. Ryan Trewlis, a Startup Analyst with SimpleGrad and Revieweal said: “Imagine the difference it will make to industry to have 3D metal printing at your disposal. Aeroplane parts, small machinery, it will all be produced at the press of a button and to the tiniest detail. It’s an exciting time.”

Breakthroughs In Security

Our data seems to be under constant threat of attack these days with breaches to our cyber security and personal data used for criminal purposes.

While most of us take more precautions to protect our data from cyber attack, we can’t seem to keep out everything. Tech experts, however, believe this is set to change.

One tech leading the charge with security is Blockchain, heavily encrypted records that can be used to help shop online and help protect privacy.

Your data will not be accessible to big name selling markets, protecting your privacy and your personal records.

One to watch in 2019 as more and more shoppers and retailers look to Blockchain.

Internet Of Things

A fascinating area of development with the idea that wifi can interconnect our ‘things’ to each other. Already we can connect our phones to our cars and turn the lights on at home via our tablet, even if we aren’t present in the room.

We are seeing more and more developments in this area as more and more things become connected to one another.

Advancements for next year will include breakthroughs in the way we connect to business and medical services. However, experts sound a note of caution, as while the technology develops at a rapid pace there is a shortage of tech experts to fully drive it forward.

There is so much to be excited about in the field of tech startups for next year and beyond. It’s truly an exciting time to be alive and 2019 looks set to be full of inspiring technology and breakthroughs.

Keep an eye on the emerging trends and you’ll be first in line to benefit from extra security, driverless cars and more connectivity in your life. Rather than fearing the future, it’s time to embrace new technology and watch it work to make all our lives that much easier.

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