Social Media Brand Building Strategies For Facebook

Social Media Brand Building Strategies For Facebook

Engaging people on Facebook has turned into a competition between brands.

With more content than people can actually consume, engaging potential customers on Facebook is a real challenge. You have to make your posts interesting. Otherwise, people will just scroll past it, which means that you lost your potential customer.

The good thing is that many people would rather communicate with brands via social media than by phone and mail. That’s why you should build a strong strategy for Facebook in order to engage as many users as you can. Smart thing here is to collect media intelligence in order to see your metrics and overall success of your strategy.

Nevertheless, there are some things that you can do on your own:

Write high-quality content that you would read

Is your content unique in any way? Does it have a strong call to action? Would you click on it?

There is no need to put out average content on Facebook and hope that people will share and comment it. Before you decide to publish something, just ask yourself these questions.

Even though a call to action is a great way to engage people, not every content needs to have it. Share posts that promote your values or educate, inspire and entertain people. You don’t need to write an essay. On the contrary, posts with less than 50 characters tend to work better on Facebook.

Remember, engaging content is something that Facebook news feed algorithm recognizes and rewards, whether your post is organic or paid. Use the power of Facebook to show customers your expertise by creating content that people will share with others.

Connect with your followers

As a rule, the more comments, shares, and reactions you have, the better your reach is. So, always answer to a comment, even if it’s a bad one. Tag people in a comment to let them know you appreciate their opinion.

Social media can help you build a trusting relationship between your company and customers. Traditional marketers didn't have an option to communicate with customers as directly as marketers can do today. Nowadays, you can recognize their needs and get useful information from social media in order to use them in your strategy.

Use Facebook to show customers that you care about them. Send the message that not everything is about profit in your company, but the world around you. Let company’s personality come through in each post.

Use 4-1-1 rule for successful content planning

As mentioned, having too many call-to-action and other self-serving posts is not the good strategy for Facebook. On the contrary, it can be bad for your business. The 4-1-1 rule for social media suggests you share one original self-serving post, one relevant sales-related repost and four pieces of relevant content written by others. This rule will help you build a relationship with your customers without being too pushy. Overpromotion won’t bring you closer to your customers, remember that.

Logically, the numbers don’t have to be precise. The point is to share something interesting with your followers without asking anything in return.

From time to time, take a look at your most popular posts and repost them. This is a good tactic because people who already saw it can revisit it and share it again. Also, you will have the attention of those who didn’t see it.

Post Regularly with a little help of schedule tool

It’s important to post on Facebook at least once a day and scheduling tools make it simple. Even when you have a day off or there’s a holiday coming, you can schedule your posts on Buffer, Sprout Social, Later or any other app you choose.

In spite of the benefits of schedule tools, you should still keep taking an active hand in your social media presence whenever possible. You need to stay engaged and show your audience that a real person communicates with them.

Tell your story using videos

Obviously, it’s not enough just to write a content and post it. You have to mix post types and share videos and photos, too.

An interesting fact is that Facebook video posts have a higher reach than videos on YouTube. Use this advantage of Facebook and make or repost interesting video content. Nowadays, you can start a live stream as a post or story. It doesn’t have to be some fancy video shot using professional equipment. If an idea is good enough, try to make it on your own.

Furthermore, think visually! The truth is that 85% of Facebook members watch videos muted, so you have to be creative. Try to tell your story with engaging visual tricks, or put transcription on video.

When it comes to length, videos just under two minutes have more views. Nevertheless, you should test post length in order to determine what gets the most organic reach. Maybe your target group prefers longer videos.

Engaging people on Facebook has turned into a competition between brands. Test these strategies, keep your Facebook fresh and inspiring, and watch your brand spread on Facebook.

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