Small Scale Business Ideas

Small Scale Business Ideas

Small businesses don't have to be extremely unique or niched.

The goal is to simply provide in-demand products and services to local customers with quick and reliable turnaround time, at a fair and affordable price. The key to starting a small business is tapping into your unique skills and experience and turning these into income opportunities. Whether you’re a pro at decluttering, you’re the life of the party, you have impeccable package handling and customer service skills, or you can whip up a feast in the kitchen, there are endless possibilities for turning your skills and experience into a profitable and sustainable small business. Today, the most popular small business ideas include cleaning services, event planning, delivery, food and baking, photography, graphic design, fashion and styling, construction, appliance repair — and a whole lot more!

Infographic provided by Ontario Business Central

SMB ideas in 2019.

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