Simple Tips to Boost Up Sales Magento e-commerce Store

Simple Tips to Boost Up Sales Magento e-commerce Store

The Magento open source is an eCommerce platform which functions by adding the plug in modules provided by another developer.

Magento is basically an e-commerce platform written in PHP. Magento has two different platforms:

  • Magento open source
  • Magento commerce

Magento Commerce has additional updated features. Nowadays, Magento platform is rapidly used by many e businesses. In three years, it has evolved as an e commerce leader. It has PHP5 Zend framework which is good for setting up an ecommerce website. It has many excellent features like scalable architecture, flexible shopping cart, and many customization features.

To run a successful ecommerce business is a very tough task. There are thousands of vendors entering the online business and giving tough competition worldwide. To stand out in the crowd and stay ahead with the competition is a big challenge. Through e- commerce website customers are able to view and buy products online. Now Magento store has come up with many features which make sales easier.

Some features of Magento website are

Multilingual - It has multi lingual and geographic features. The e store is accessible from locations all over the world. It redirects the website as per the country based on the internet address. The people can view the website as per the home country language.

Easy checkout process- at Magento, the payment checkout process ends in the single step. Unlike another platform, it does not have too long, complicated checkout process. Magento has combined several platforms on one single page.

Quick follow up- The customers who quit at the time of checkout, Magento tracks and follow up that customer via email or via SMS.

SEO friendly- The Magento website has inbuilt SEO friendly feature. The each engine optimization tool optimizes the page titles and header.

Responsive - The website is very responsive and easily accessible from any device. It can be viewed from the personal computer, MacBook, mobile, tablet, etc. It is easily adaptable to all the devices.

These are few advantageous features that make Magento different from other platforms. It has simple installation process. Well, it will surprise many people that going for paid, direct or organic digital advertisement does not bring traffic or increase sales. Each and every thing matters a lot when it comes to sale from appealing website, pictures, content, offers, discounts, user experience, pricing etc all these factors contribute to the conversion of customers on an online store.

How to boost Magento store sales?

Magento sales

Recovery extension - The recovery extension automatically responds to the users who have left your site with items in their shopping cart. It reduces the abandon rate of the customer hereby increasing the sales. Sometimes it happens on mobile that customer jumps on shipping before checkout. The email is sent to those customers to get them back and improves the sale.

Bargain extension- The bargain extension allows the users to get the best price and deals for the product. While shopping online customer also gets the best deal and offer in the form of bargain benefits. It helps to increase the conversion rate.

Search extension- It helps to determine the buyer behavior and allows them to find the exact product through search extension. On the basis of user behavior, it modifies the user search. It assists in delivering the best possible results. It records the search behavior of buyers and tends to create a single customer buying experience.

Live chat option- Nowadays we see almost all the Magento website with the live chat option. This option makes the buying decision quickly. If the customer has any doubt and does not have live customer support than there is a tendency that customer quit the website. With live chat, option customer feels easy to connect with you. This way it increases the chances of the sale. Some of the Magento live chat plugins is live agent chat, zopim chat etc.

Speedy website- The Magento cache plug-in improves the speed and performance of the e commerce website. It has cache plugins like page cache, Turpentine varnish cache etc.

Google analytic extension- Google analytic extension is a free service provided by google. You can also get the extension like Google analytics by fooman or Google universal analytics. These tools are of great help to boost sales. You can get the detail report of the customers visited your website.

Product recommendation tools - If you have a large website with unlimited products. The customer finds it difficult to get the right product because of so many choices. The Magento have options like “best selling product” “Location based” “discounted product “etc. This helps to boost sales as the customer can access to the right product.

Through Magento ecommerce website you can easily boost up the sales. The important thing is that you should understand its features and plugins and make the optimum use to get the results. It helps in improving the conversion rates and drive traffic.

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