SEO tips for your new business in 2018

SEO tips for your new business in 2018

Things to consider in your SEO strategy as the time progresses

Taking your business online is a huge step that needs to undergo a serious thinking and be subject to a lot of decision making the more you go. There are a variety of SEO strategies and techniques that many businesses use for themselves, however in order to be able to find what your specific strategy will be, it’s important to do research.

You need to know how to use the SEO techniques and make sure the o nes you use will be beneficial for your business and make it have more organic traffic. We will present you with some SEO tips for 2018 to ease your decision making process. It is also important to note that in order to manipulate with any sort of SEO tools you will need a stable connection, and it is essential to first of all measure the signal strength and ensure your connection will not leave you hanging. If that is the case, you can get a mobile phone signal booster in locations you most operate with your SEO tools, and in order to do it you can refer to a mobile phone signal booster guide.

1. 404 pages

404 error pages have gained popularity in the sphere of problems that hinder the traffic to your website, and there are several reasons we all know of. There are many pages that give out links and then close down for some reason, or it can also depends on the human error rate, since there is a possibility for a human to mistype the link every now and then. This is becoming a serious issue because it is very likely to affect your performance. This is why, for 2018, it will be better to eliminate the problem right at the beginning – by modifying the page and before the customer leaves they get the chance to look at a specific offer of some product or service and not just an error page. Now, if you first want to find the 404 error pages or broken links on your website there is a variety of tools you can choose from: Google Analytics, GoogleSearchConsole, brokenlinkcheck etc. For example, if you prefer Google analytics you can get to Site Content through the Behavior section and from there select “Content Drilldown” and correspondingly search for 404.

2. Competitors

Competitors are a major source for building your SEO strategy. More specifically, they are the only stable source that you can use to boost your business and increase your organic traffic if you know the right way of how to do it. Before that, you have to make sure how many backlinks do you usually get (an average amount) and understanding the rating of your domain. You can do this through multiple tools, and most importantly, you can track what your competitors do through those tools as well. It is crucial to track the content of the competitors, their domain ratings, their average backlinks. In order to do so you can use free tools such as Ahrefs, SEMrush, Open Site Explorer and other useful tools of the kind. In case you discover that they have more backlinks than you, do not hesitate to search for another keyword. The core component here is to do correct keyword research.

3. More on keywords

Everyone emphasizes the importance of keywords; however, it is important to push it further and research more and take into consideration that for your SEO strategy long tail keywords might work just as well. If you put your thought into it, long tail keywords will cost you less of a competition because they are more unique and have higher conversion rate. The only issue with them is that they do not generate as much traffic; however, they are the right tool to get your new business going, because initially your new business won’t be strong and qualifiable enough to compete with big brands. Long tail keywords will help you rank higher, even if the words you use are less competitive and generate less traffic. This is also more effective for the specific people who would rather use a voice search instead of typing anything out. Voice search has gained a rather big popularity starting from the improvements of recent AI assistants.

4. Google+

Yes, it is important to research which social media platforms are best for you to utilize and show activity in, and Google+ barely makes it to the top 4, however there’s much more to it than many people think. If you create a Google+ page, it won’t help you rank any higher, however it may result in a change in the behavior of people who are the ones to choose where to click. This is important because if you make your face as the profile picture in your Google+ account, you are more likely to get a click because it shows next to the search results. This way, you may not rank higher than others may, however people will see your face and the search result will seem much more high quality and will have much more clickable content than the ones ranking higher. In order to do this, go to your profile’s about and put your website link in the link section. Correspondingly, you will also need to link your Google+ page somewhere in your website in order to ensure that your face shows and Google recognizes you.

There are many SEO tricks and it is always difficult to choose which one is right for your starting business, so many consider opting for paid research. It’s always important to remember that even though high organic search is slower to achieve, it’s still long term and manageable to maintain if you employ the right tactics. These tips are the ones that are aimed specifically at getting your new business running in a more stable way, however as the time goes on, you can change the SEO techniques you use and match them with your ongoing business.

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Lucy Robinson

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