Review of popular design tools in 2018

Review of popular design tools in 2018

Review of popular design tools in 2018

Do not you know which popular design tool to choose for yourself? This article gives a useful assistance in selecting it and tells you how to do that correctly

Every year, the task of being isolated from the crowd in the world, overloaded with information, is becoming more and more complex. But even with an information-driven world, the design has the ability to encourage people to feel even more - to identify emotions and create reactions that intuitively manifest themselves in human interaction with the interface.
The pace of the emergence of new sites every year is increasing rapidly. If 10 years ago the companies were not interested in its presence on the Internet and app design price, today it is almost the main component of success. Many businesses have already opened their virtual offices or online stores, however, in 2018, the number of sites will continue to grow. Demand always gives rise to the offer. Today, the share of demand is presented on the Internet in the form of pursuit queries. Accordingly, a better offer can be made where the target audience is and is looking for information. At the same time, the size of the company does not matter, cause the main thing is to be the best in its niche and in 2018 - even have a convenient, useful and optimized site.

What are the basic design tools in 2018?

Every year, thanks to the growth of technologies, new trends and features in the field of design tools in 2018 are emerging.
Years of experience with clients suggest that web resource owners should keep abreast of the latest industry trends. After all, if the online agency such monitoring - the key to successful performance, the customer is able to better understand what and why offers specialist positions to improve the site, which is moving.
The solution to the technical issues of a web resource and web design tools is just a preparation for the promotion. The very promotion consists of a strategy, which necessarily takes into account the main trends. And trends vary depending on what technologies appear in people's lives.

Web design from scratch

Anyone can create sites. More precisely, it is better to say that any person can learn to create sites. But you need to understand that in order to do it at a good level, it is necessary to combine a variety of different practice and skills that in a complex allows a specialist to make really preferable projects.
Studying web design from scratch can be a daunting issue if you do not know where to start and what exactly you demand. And this requires good web design tools. There are permanently new processing and fresh tools that can confuse even experienced practitioners, let alone apprentices.

Several Useful Web Design Tools

Web design is a compound “science”? Yes and no. We present to your attention a selection of useful web design tools. Use one of them or several at once, so that your photos and websites become better and more beautiful.

  • Subtle Patterns - A great online collection of templates for the “infinite” background on the site. And all this beauty is free.
  • Adobe XD is the latest development program. It is designed to create prototypes and layouts.
  • I want hue - an online service for searching and selecting a combination of groups and colours. It’s perfect for those who are engaged in colour, the creation of colour schemes and the “multiplication” of templates for sites.
  • Placeit - service for preparing photo-images for portfolio. With its help, your site can be “inserted” on the screen of a laptop, iPad or iPhone. Great for preparing presentation materials.
  • Cut & Slice me - a free plug-in for Photoshop, to export ready-made pictures to various devices within a few seconds.
  • Sketch is a program for everyday use, flexible in work, with a number of benefits: the speed of work; version control and auto-save features; accurate rendering of fonts.
  • Moqups. An online editor for creating prototypes and sites. It can draw different schemes and presentations. It’s easy to use, no need to learn long instructions. For a short period of time, you can make outlines and create your digital product. You can use it without registration, but after registering, you get a lot of opportunities.
  • UXPin. The multifunctional tool that allows you to build layouts to create prototypes of UX design.
  • Wapuula is the best design tool for your business.

Web design and development today are a hot topic for discussion, and every business person, whether it's a small or big business, is now creating their own websites that are complemented by multimedia support, interactivity and e-commerce, and depending on preferences. There are tools that got a great upgrade. You can easily tune it to your desires in the design.
The world of design is always fast growing and new tools always appear. If you want to stay ahead of competitors you must always follow the trends and tools. Look, browse and you will definitely find something for yourself. After all, the skills of any designer necessity constant growth and enhancement.

Vladislav Pshenychka
Vladislav Pshenychka is a brand strategist, digital marketing expert, and a blogger. He is a passionate digital strategist. Currently, associated with Artjoker - a leading web development company in Los Angeles

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