Refreshingly Simple Strategies for Boosting Your Digital Brand

Refreshingly Simple Strategies for Boosting Your Digital Brand

Digital branding can give your company a substantial competitive advantage, allowing you to grow, increase influence and boost your profitability.

Some reposts even suggest that a continuous brand presentation across all platforms can increase the revenue up to 20 per cent. As the number of businesses running the “brand attention marathon” increases, the capabilities of digital branding are more important than ever. Here are some of the points worth considering when developing your marketing strategy.

Define clear roles

Creating and keeping a strong, compelling brand requires you to clearly define who you are, what your mission is and what your reasons are. Once you’re able to capture these points in clear, unambiguous messages, you significantly increase the chances of your brand to “land” on your target audience in a multitude of channels such as videos, guest posts, eBooks, blogs, podcasts, etc.

Consider your customer persona

While each brand should advocate distinctive values, the ways you implement it in your marketing strategy needs to be audible for your buyers. It has to take into account their problems, needs, and challenges. If you take this into consideration, you’ll be able to showcase how your capabilities and resources are different than those of your competition in meeting the buyers’ needs.

Stand out from the crowd

Running with a brand that only helps you blend in with other businesses in your niche is considered a mediocre strategy. Although the next step can be frightening, get some courage to make the big leap. You need to increase your chances by launching and maintaining a truly unique brand identity. If you do it right, your innovative branding will give you more than the edge you need to stand above your competitors.

Outline your brand message

Nowadays, each company needs a powerful brand message to keep up the pace with its competition. Relaying a transparent and consistent message falls nothing short of planting a firm brand message into the everyday lives of your customers. You can then fine-tune the message to perfection by lunching competition analyses, diagnosing target audience pain points, as well as looking up to successful brands for inspiration. Today’s business owners are often not fully aware of the close link between branding and design, say the people behind a progressive bachelor of arts degree in visual design, one that helps us deal with the complexities in institutional communications and the development of products and services.

Work on your visual signature

Can you think of any brands that a customer can identify by just taking one glimpse? What about your brand? Would its content be enough to be recognizable in a crowd of competitors standing side-by-side? The visual feel and look of your products is a huge part of your brand, so you need to ensure it defines you accurately and gives it a recognizable look in your market niche. Apart from your logo, tagline, and colour palette, also consider imagery and typography as the essential components of your visual branding.

Less is more

Surely, long compelling content has its purpose in a branding strategy, people often underestimate the power of shorter content adds. These can be deadly when wielded with precession, so try to find opportunities to say something in fewer words whenever you can. Another way to make a powerful visual impact is to convert a piece of your content into an infographic, which can help you say more with less by designing a visually-powerful infographic or storyboard which derives from your content.

Keep it consistent

Branding can be successful only if your message is consistent with your brand image. When your brand values, look, feel, and voice are established, you need to apply them continually and consistently on every channel and customer hub. This includes your website, and landing pages, social media, blog posts, emails, YouTube videos, etc. By inconsistent brand usage, you risk creating confusion among your customers who may start looking for answers elsewhere.

Become a content evangelist

Content helps you define your brand as such that is willing to help and educate people with no strings attached. The most successful brands are often those with tons of engaging content. They are capable of reaching many thousands of readers every month, increasing their presence and reach beyond measure. Apart from publishing great content, try to insist on authoritative content on topics that readers will value and share.

Maintain a presence on social media

For consistent content promotion, you can also use social media platforms like Facebook Ads and Twitter Ads. These two can help you reach large audiences which are likely to show a positive response for your brand. The critical part of using advertising platforms successfully is to find websites that attract an interested audience.
In the highly competitive industrial environment of today, digital branding is a critical component of beery successful marketing strategy. Hopefully, these tips will help you achieve your goals through campaigns that lead you to branding success.

Jennifer Hahn Masterson
Jennifer Hahn Masterson is the Lead Content Strategist at Spread the Word Solutions, holding an MA degree in business communication. She is always doing her best to help her clients find their place in the ever so competitive business arena, insisting on long-term sustainability rather than on some questionable get-rich-fast scheme. You can check her out on LinkedIn.

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