Rebrand Your Business Without Loosing Your Audience

Rebrand Your Business Without Loosing Your Audience

The reasons for rebranding your business can come in many forms, whether it’s to do with new ownership/investment or to implement a new business model, fresh ideas have been discussed to target your new business goals.

However, whilst these changes are taking place, you need to make sure that your audience isn’t lost and you’re still able to connect with your existing and new customers. In order to make sure this doesn’t happen, here are some useful tips to rebrand your business without losing your audience.

Be Clear Of The Reason For Your Rebrand

Conducting a rebrand can be a heavy job and will involve major departments within your business to make sure that it has a seamless transition. In order for it to go smoothly, you need to make sure you have good reasons behind the change.

In most cases, companies tend to go through a rebrand due to a major name change or a replenishment in their services. These are major changes in a business that would require a rebrand, but unless the change is significant a rebrand could potentially harm your business then do good for it. Reflect on whether the time consumption, use of resources and expenses are worth the reason for the rebrand. You’d need to head into a rebrand with a clear, strategic and customer focused reason whilst making your customers aware of the rebrand too.

Ensure A Thorough Strategic Strategy Is In Place

You might be surprised by just how much goes into implementing a rebrand. It will involve several teams to deal with product branding, website design, service refresh, content guides etc. This is why, to make sure that the process runs smoothly, ensure a comprehensive strategic plan is in place.

Consider the impact of different aspects of the business and the changes that will need to be made. It would be ideal to assign individual members of the team to make the decisions during the process.

Make The Rebrand Public

You wouldn’t necessarily need to communicate privately with your customers about the rebrand. In fact, going public about it not only maintain the relationship with your existing customers but also lead to an increase with new ones too. Utilise press releases, social media and any media contacts you have to get the word out. It can easily lead to an increase in traffic and a greater interest in your company.

Keep Your Existing Customers In Mind

Although producing a rebrand can be great for new leads, don’t underestimate the value of your existing customers. They’ve used your services before and are more likely to lead to a conversion compared to new customers who are unfamiliar with your services. Go out of your way to retain your existing customers by maintaining great customer service. For a rebrand to be successful, you should be able to grow your business whilst better serving your customers, even if it means delaying the rebrand to focus your attention to your customers.

Is It Possible To Rebrand Your Business Without Losing Your Audience?

The simple answer is yes. If you follow the correct procedures and have a clear strategic plan moving forward, your business will be able to grow whilst maintaining the relationships of your existing and new customers. Make sure the impact that the rebrand has on the business is considered as a whole and how you can rectify anything that could go wrong.

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Jamie Costello
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