Reasons to Hire a "Full Stack" Developer for Your Mobile App Startup

Reasons to Hire a "Full Stack" Developer for Your Mobile App Startup

Startup businesses are always looking for cost-effective software development without missing quality credential they have set.

Therefore, they prefer to hire full stack developers. Apart from these, many other benefits of full stack development can tempt startups to leverage new trends.

Do you know software (web/mobile) development process and stakeholders involved in it today? Of course, a big team entitled with different roles and specialty in it. For instance front-end developers (graphics designer, UI designer, UX developer) and back-end developers (programmers, database experts, testers/QA developers, DevOps) as well as marketers and account managers.

It increases burdens over the payroll and shrinks profits at the end if we are looking talented and experienced professionals for each role. Since the onset of 2000s full stack developer is a known term and recently, it gaining momentum in the market.

If you have a question that why is it? Valid reasons are here:

1 - Modern Software Development Process Demands Frequent Switching

Modern web and mobile application development technologies, demands of end-users, and integration of 3rd party services have brought immense intricacies at all levels. Changed modern development methodologies always demand frequent switching between the roles.

If we expect each specialist will free to attend the project whenever required, it is exceeding the expectation. It is nearly becoming impossible in an organization where a long list of projects is in the queue.

In such circumstances, full stack developer or a team may prove a blessing for the company. Full stack developer can switch their roles frequently and can accomplish the project within the deadline. It means one developer can act as front-end developer as well as a back-end developer. Full stack developers can address needs for other tasks such as integration of various upcoming technologies without wandering for niche experts.

Mind well, finding niche experts in emerging technologies like wearable, IoT, AI, AR, and so on is daunting as well as a costly affair. Full stack developers alleviate it completely because they can update their knowledge and skills in any upcoming technology easily. They have gained mastery over the learning process and grasp new technologies, tools, and techniques quickly.

2 - Full Stack Developers Are T-Shaped Professionals

T-shaped professional means one has expertise and understanding in one particular area, and it refers the vertical bar of the T. While at the top of the T, horizontal bar refers capability of that expert to collaborate with other experts in different disciplines and adequate understanding.

The same is true for full-stack developers who are expert in one area it may be front-end, back-end, or database, but capable of attending all roles required to finish a software development project involving any scale of complexities, multiple technologies, and integration.

Besides these, full stack developers prove the best project managers and team leaders because they know each technology, and have substantial mastery over all existing and upcoming technologies. Therefore, they can deal with almost any issue relevant to technologies, tools, and techniques arising in the team. They need not go to ask the expert opinion of anyone while addressing challenges with the team or clients outside.

They can answer any query from the client-side or developer-side immediately and can establish a good rapport with clients and earn prestige for the company in bonus!

3 - Full Stack Developer Speedup the Project Development Process

Full stack developers know almost all technologies, tools, and techniques to accomplish a project without the involvement of an external entity. For instance,

  • They know front-end development adequately.
  • They are may be fluent in back-end development.
  • They can easily deal with database management.
  • They can maintain quality through frequent testing.
  • They can deploy the project on the server or get approval from the app marketplaces by following the prescribed guidelines.
  • They can deal with marketing tasks effectively and consider marketing related aspects right from the beginning of the development process.

When, the same team of developers attains all tasks of the development process, the project management, development, and collaboration become quite easy even for large-scale projects.

Designers need not wait for programmers and vice verso. Project testing becomes easy without disturbing the schedules of other team members because the same team or developers are doing project testing by their wits and time.

In short, synchronization becomes easy and quick with internal team members as well as outside contributors in the project. It saves time and resources a lot.

4 - Full Stack Developers Are Extremely Cost-effective

As we know that full stack developer can manage front-end, back-end, database, and even marketing related tasks single-handedly. It eliminates gathering of niche experts at one hand and saves costs of hiring and management of a big team dispersed in different departments.

Apart from the development process, full stack developers can contribute in other areas and activities pertaining to the project and software lifecycle, such as:

  • They can solve issues immediately arising during the development process as well as after the development.
  • They can attend security aspects throughout the project.
  • They can update and maintain the software throughout its lifecycle.

When a single team is working on the software throughout its lifecycle, the quality of software improves. Moreover, it enables developers to take precautionary steps right from the commencement of the project.

Full stack developers know the resource constraints well right from the beginning. Therefore, they can prepare everything on appropriate time and gather all prerequisites before any emergency arise.

Full stack developers have enough experiences in software development processes for different types of software. Thus, they know what will come next during the software development process. It helps them to learn or update missing parts of technologies and related tasks. It makes them experts of the task and speed up the process.

These all cut the overall costs of the software development and maintenance significantly.

5 - Full Stack Developers Enable Company to Take New Challenges

They can contribute to a project end-to-end with full responsibility. They have skills in more than one discipline and act as a jack of all while comparing the technologies and investigating new technologies to meet a challenge. They can bring innovative ideas to the table and implement the same without looking for any expert outside the team.

They are constantly updating their knowledge in all periphery of technological advancements. It enables them to attend new challenges easily. Their expertise and experiences with different skills set them apart from the standard developers who only know one or two things and experts in those.

Startup software development companies always welcome them and inspire to bid on challenging projects. Management has enough confidence over the full stack developers that they will deal with any scale of the challenging project and let the company earn prestige as well as new businesses in the market.

Today, when a client comes for a web development project, the expectation of the client never restricted up to the website or web application, but the client also looks for mobile app development. Many advanced projects also demand the development and integration of the latest technologies like location-based, AI, IoT, wearable, Cryptocurrency, AR, VR, ML, and so on.

Full stack developers know well nuances of all emerging technologies and integration of myriads of APIs with the system under the development.

Do You Want Hire A Full Stack Developer?

After getting how the full stock developers are advantageous for your software development project to be it web development or mobile development, you may have enough temptations to hire a full stack developer.

You need to search a competing full stack development company like Perception System in San Jose, California to achieve desired success. Perception System is working in the software development field for more than 17 years. Therefore, it has accumulated talented developers and trained that big pool as full stack developers by providing enough opportunities and investing tons of resources, time, and money.

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