Promotional Items To Hype Your Startup; Are You Game?

Promotional Items To Hype Your Startup; Are You Game?

Promotional Items To Hype Your Startup; Are You Game?

With the unprecedented expansion of the World Wide Web, the way business was done went through a complete overhaul since companies and businesses gained direct access (virtually, though) to the consumer.

With the internet having emerged as the most robust platform to conduct business, establishing a new business became a whole lot easier because it eliminated the need to physically set up things altogether. Now, this paved way for new business ventures and start-ups with many start-up companies capitalizing on using the internet to set up their businesses.
Gradually, start-ups witnessed exponential growth and today, there is a swarm of new business firms and start-ups. With such mushroom growth of start-ups in the present day, the big question that plagues every new start-up venture is “How to leave an indelible imprint on customers’ psyche so that they remember you by?”. While there may be countless ways of leaving an impression on your customers’ mind, one of the most potent ways is handing out low-cost promotional products (low-cost because start-ups tend to be operating on a limited marketing budget) to customers. In a way, it amounts to ‘advertising through promotional products’.
The reasons why the use of promotional items to hype your start-up is an excellent idea are many. Most of the reasons are embedded in the very roots of the human nature, while others have to do with marketing and promotion. Let’s see what the reasons are:-

  • Everybody likes receiving a gift - It’s only human to cherish receiving a gift. Therefore, being the recipients of small business promotional items, customers are likely to associate your start-up with the received gift and thus remember you for a long time to come.
  • Engage your target audience - The response of customers to giveaways is usually positive as well as quick. Therefore, handing out giveaways is likely to engage your target audience with a newly formed company with new ideas.
  • Affordable advertising - Handing out promotional gifts is a kind of advertising and brand recall. If you choose to give away affordable promotional items, it won’t burn a hole in your pocket; at least not as much as the same level of advertising would cost in print or online.
  • Brand Recognition - Items imprinted with your business name or logo will prove to be highly conducive to the recognition of your brand. Most of the recipients will be able to easily recognise your brand after receiving its promotional items.
  • Positive impression - If you choose to hand out useful items to your customers as promotional gifts, the longer they stay with the customer, the happier he will be. This will ultimately encourage a positive association with your company. This way, the positive impression of your brand will improve.
  • Brand visibility; Entice potential customers - Every time the recipient uses your product, it gets promoted, which increases the chances of your brand being seen by prospective consumers.

As for the question regarding what are the best promotional products to hand out as gifts to customers, well, there are plenty.

  • T-Shirts happen to be one of the most effective promotional items because when the recipient(s) wears it, he or she acts as a moving billboard for your brand, promoting it wherever he or she goes.
  • The most commonly handed out promotional gifts happen to be stationery items, pens being the most common. A pen is, in a sense, the king of promotional giveaways. And the amusing part about handing out a pen as a giveaway is that even if the original recipient loses it, it is sure to get into the hands of another user i.e. you get across to another potential customer.
  • Bags are amongst the most frequently ordered printed items for handing out at events. They are the ‘always-in-demand’ promotional item.
  • If you want an item that can be customized, you may choose from mugs, magnets, key rings, calendars, fidget spinners etc.

The conclusive takeaway that can be drawn from the aforementioned discussion is that buying promotional products that are well-thought-out, inexpensive, useful and impactful can take your start-up places. The only thing required is to source the best promotional items for small business and start-up ventures from a reputed and experienced promotional products supplier. Also, do make sure that the items you choose are such that they easily convey the message you’re trying to send across to the consumers. It is also important to strike the right balance between the quantity and quality of the promotional items. The right quantity will ensure that you reach out to more consumers. Good quality will ensure that your brand image does not get tarnished; something that no start-up venture would want to go through.

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