New-Top Frameworks Linked with Node.js

New-Top Frameworks Linked with Node.js

Running JavaScript outside the browser turned out to be quite magical for JavaScript lovers and is definitely one of the most welcomed moves in the world of web applications development. Developers all around the globe embraced Node.JS with arms wide open.

It is true that for any project, choosing a correct framework is equally important and it is still considered one of the toughest tasks by most of the enterprise owners. With the help of this they look forward to strengthen their web presence because there are some features and benefits associated with Node.js. So, what are those features and advantages attached with this framework and how it ascertains the success of your business?

Now, you do not have to worry at all as we have compiled a list of frameworks linked with Node.


This framework needs no words of introduction, especially to those who are the existing node developers. Developers across the world know it very well that Express.JS is a minimalist and flexible framework constituted on top of node.js. The interesting part is that this framework has taken node.js to the next level by offering top level wrappers around node.js APIs.

Express.js carries all the features needed for creating powerful web and mobile apps. It is also helpful in creating APIs as well conveniently. Plugins or extension packages can be written by developers for express and expand its magical powers. Express.js provides you flexibility in the areas mentioned below:

  • Any third party database can used as well as you can define your models
  • Any template engine confirming to the signatures (path, locals, callbaclk) can be used
  • User authentication scheme can also be used
  • Explain the project directory structure the way you wan

Sail. JS (node.js mvc)

The powerful and flexible framework of node.js, Sail carries all the features for building anything from a short scale chat client to a business grade web application. This framework drives it features from the chief express framework for dealing with http requests and sockets.


In the world of node.js frameworks (mvc frameworks), KOA is considered as a dark horse. Relatively, KOA is a new arrival with its first release was expected to come much before in the year 2013. This framework carries very small footprints, packages and very little ready to use functionality. It comes with a modular approach and enables you to write scalable and future proof applications your own way.


This framework is the most feature-rich; therefore, ranks top when it comes to listing. The biggest convenience with Meteor is that it allows your applications to be real-time default. Second, this framework simplifies the process and allows you to get the development done with just one language. With opting for its smart packages, you can save a lot of time.


This framework is a full stack framework, which competes directly with the like of Meteor, especially with its and Mojito. This framework runs on top of node.js in combination with mongo DB and Redis. Derby features a data synchronization engine called Racer which turns data synching among database, server and browser a perfect balance.

Flatiron.JS (Node.js MVC Framework)

Flatiron.JS provides components and you can assemble your own full stack framework with the help of these components. However, you might face some level of complexities after embracing this platform as it hands over the controls to the developers who can screw up the entire project by making incorrect selections.


This is among a very few node.js based frameworks that do not rely on Express and most of the task at present are done without taking any help from Express. This turns Hapi more or less a rival of Express with a number of developers opting for Hapi over Express lately.


Mean is mix of a number of frameworks including Mongo DB, Angular, Express and Node.JS. They are all bundled together to get the database layer, the server side, the front end stack to quick start the development.


This framework was an instant success when it was released by Yahoo long time ago. However, with the overnight success of Mean Stack and Meteor, it lost its ground. Despite the fact, it is noteworthy that this framework is well suited for building high performing web and mobile applications.

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