Mobile Games are Now Making More Money Than Consoles

Mobile Games are Now Making More Money Than Consoles

Where it used to be that mobile games for your smartphone and tablet were seen as somewhat of a joke in the game development industry, today these same developers are looking at the mobile versions in a whole new light.

Statistics show that these mobile games have now pulled ahead of the traditional console games in terms of money making.

This year it is expected that the mobile game industry will account for 42% of the global revenues in the gaming industry. Meanwhile PC games will make up 23% and consoles (PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo) will make up 31%. What this means is that these mobile game developers are suddenly being taken a lot more seriously, as is the industry.

The Mobile Gaming Industry Keeps Pumping Out New Offerings

What the mobile gaming industry seems to be doing really well is offering players a constant flow of new offerings. There is never a shortage of new content to discover, new series to become hooked on, and so much of it is free or a very affordable price.

The graphics and technology has also improved by leaps and bounds. Some of these mobile games now feel and look more like a big Hollywood blockbuster movie plot than a game for your smartphone. All you have to do is browse the Game Guide World website to get an idea of just how many offerings there are, and the impressive graphics, sounds, and technology.

The game Mafia II, which is a sequel to the hit game Mafia, is an excellent example of these games that feel more like an intense action-packed movie plot. Game Guide World is notorious for their in-depth game guides, like what you’ll find for Mafia II.

How Much is it Making?

It was actually last year that the mobile gaming industry was able to surpass revenues of the traditional consoles for the first time in history. These mobile games were able to generate $36.9 billion in revenue, which made up 37% of the market last year. When you think of the fact that 2017 expects it to account for 42% of the gaming market, it will be another record-breaking revenue year.

Today developers aren't making games for consoles then providing mobile versions as an afterthought, it's working in reverse if anything. Today these developers are making sure content is optimized for mobile gaming and is also unique for that particular platform.

Even as the big companies such as Sony and Nintendo push out new consoles, offerings, and features, it isn’t making a dent in the mobile gaming portion. Now that’s not to say these traditional consoles and PC games are a thing of the past, they are still very big money-makers, it just means that the mobile gaming industry is a force to be reckoned with.

Look for the Trend to Continue

As 2017 gets ready to draw to a close, expect 2018 to continue on the same upward trajectory where these mobile games continue to pick up speed and revenue.

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