Learning a New Language: 3 Tips to Reach This Goal Faster

Learning a New Language: 3 Tips to Reach This Goal Faster

Want to speak a second language? Attending classes is not enough. Achieving this goal will also require a lot of effort, persistence, and patience.

In this post, we will give you 3 tips that will allow you to focus your energies in a smart way and take advantage of the time in class to favor your learning process.

1. Create Vocabulary Lists

You probably think that by being attentive in class you will always remember the new words you are learning. However, leaving all this work to your memory can work against you when you try to use those words again. The best thing to do in this case is to jot them down. By doing this you will be reinforcing what you have learned in your mind. You can also complement this by using the translation tool provided by Systransoft. Word lists can be another excellent way to practice your language skills. To create them you can make use of one of these techniques:

  • Divide the page into three columns: one for the word, one for the category (verb, noun, preposition, etc.), and the last one for its definition.
  • Assign colors to new words according to their usage: you can do this by category (travel, work, food) or linguistic usage (slang, formal or informal speech). This way you will be able to locate the words more quickly.
  • Give them a context: include an example where that new word is used, i.e. defines a context. Did you hear someone in class using it in a sentence or associating it with a drawing? Write it on the list. This will help the word stick in your mind even after you leave class.

2. Be Participatory

By this we don't mean becoming someone who constantly interrupts in class, talks excessively and always wants to be in control of the lesson. But staying completely on the other extreme of this behavior will not be favorable to your learning process. Don't forget that the teacher is willing to help you. So don't let shyness get the better of you and participate. Do you have any doubts, questions, or queries? Then speak up. Expressing it in the language, you are learning will be an excellent way to practice it.

3. Keep It Consistent

Yes, we know. Being consistent in learning a new language is easier said than done. Many people make the decision to enroll in an English, Spanish, or French course driven by the enthusiasm to learn these languages. Everything goes well the first few classes, but after a while they lose motivation to continue, either because of work, they were lazy to get up to go to class, or some other reason that extinguished that flame. And you probably think that this will not be your case, but losing the motivation to learn a new language is something that can happen to anyone during this process. How do I stay focused on the goal of learning a new language and not be part of the group of dropouts? Try this:

  • Post inspirational quotes on your computer or mirror.
  • Talk to a family member or friend about what your goals are for learning the language.
  • Visualize how happy you will be once you have learned the language.
  • Learn more about the culture of the language you have chosen to learn; eat its food, watch movies, read news related to current events in the country where the language is spoken.
  • If you can, book a flight. This will make traveling to the country of the language you are learning to become a goal and will make you fully committed in your learning.

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