Industries Hit the Hardest by COVID-19

Industries Hit the Hardest by COVID-19

It’s been a tough year and a half for everyone. Opportunities have gone amiss, memories weren't able to be made, and plans were ruined. Luckily enough, we are beginning to see the end of it now. With vaccinations rolling out across the globe, we can finally have hope of a normal future.

That being said, the implications of COVID-19 have been devastating. Lives have been lost, and businesses have failed to survive. Nearly everyone has suffered from the pandemic in one way or another, from the impact on the gambling industry, to the fierce workload placed on doctors and nurses. Its great to finally see the beginning of the end. So, what industries will be looking to bounce back in the coming months after being hit badly by the virus?


Many people will have gone weeks or months without a taste of their favorite drink over the past two years. Bars have been hit extremely badly by the pandemic. This is largely due to the fact it can be hard to regulate individuals when drinking. However, thanks to good strategies involving social distancing, face masks, and time management, we can begin to see a future for bars again.


Likewise, restaurants really weren't able to do much throughout the pandemic. Some had the option of serving takeaway food, while for others, it just wasnt a viable option. Its no doubt that restaurants will be back with a bang, with millions of people eager to get out and eat some delicious food.

Clothing Stores

In the toughest periods of lockdowns across the world, clothing stores had to shut their doors. This obviously had far-reaching implications in terms of lack of business, but they would be dealt another blow. Since the pandemic, its understood that there has been a 40% increase in online retail business. This means that for in-store retailers, theyve missed out big time. Not only will many people not need to visit clothing stores when they reopen, but people may have developed a preference for online shopping.


Gyms are set to miss out on some massive lumps of income. Having to freeze all of their members’ subscriptions, theyre going to miss out on months of revenue. Considering this, even when gyms are set to reopen, it’s likely they wont receive the big incomes other industries will. It could be weeks, months, or even a full year before people need to renew their memberships.


Nightclubs around most parts of the world are still on hold. They are likely to be the last step for countries in the easing of restrictions. You cant socially distance at a nightclub, or get people to wear facemasks in between drinks. It needs to be safe to mix and be in close quarters with large numbers of other people.

Movie Theaters / Film Industry

Both movie theaters and the film industry have taken a massive loss over the pandemic. Film industries havent been able to film and release content according to plan, just like movie theaters have had to close their doors. We are now beginning to see the release of new films, but the backlog of films will have implications for years to come.

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