Increase Your Conversion Rate With These Important Web Marketing Tips

Increase Your Conversion Rate With These Important Web Marketing Tips

These days, marketing has become synonymous with war.

The corporate world has become a mad house where anything goes. Organizations undercut themselves and marketers hit one another below the belt. In fact, there seems to be no hold barred when it comes to fight for market share.
SEO companies come with new techniques every time but these techniques don’t work for long because within a very short time, others will adopt it. This is because marketing techniques work best when only very few people are using it. Its effectiveness usually drops when everyone begins to use it. Marketing has gone beyond hiring the best SEO companies. It has gone beyond having a user-friendly website or mobile app. It is now about a combination of every tool and technique.
To retain your existing customers and attract new ones, there are certain tips you should apply in addition to hiring top SEO companies and website developers. These tips are the real game changers. If you have already started applying them, you need to intensify your efforts.

Know your audience

Don’t just market your products out there. Know your audience, find out what they want and target them in your marketing. It is better to advertise to 1,000 people who can relate to your products than to advertise to 20,000 people randomly. You’ll be wasting a lot of resources with the latter.
It is when you know your audience that you will be able to carry out effective market surveys and get helpful feedback. For instance, if you sell different types of packaged meat, you have no business with vegans and vegetarians. Your marketing efforts will yield better results when directed to the right audience.

Compelling content

Without great content, even the most experienced SEO companies won’t change your game. SEO campaigns can only bring traffic to your website and mobile app; it is the compelling content that will make people take the right action. Here are a few things to bear in mind.
Every website must have a compelling sales pitch. No matter how beautiful and simple your website is, visitors will not order your products or services without great sales pitch. A good sales pitch begins with empathy. Your product is meant to provide a solution to a problem, right? Let your audience understand that you know their problem.
For example, if you’re selling a weight-loss supplement, let your audience know that you are aware that they may have tried a lot of supplements and programs without success. Let them know some of the reasons why some of the supplements don’t work. That way, you are building your credibility. You are also giving them an impression that your product is a result of several years of researches.
After empathy, introduce your products and explain in details how it will solve the problem it is meant to solve. It is necessary to let your audience know why your product is superior to others. This is where many people get it wrong. In trying to explain why their product is superior, they run down their competitors. The trick no longer works. Customers are smarter now. The more you run your competitors down, the more you lose credibility. Instead, you should discuss why your product is superior.
Furthermore, when you badmouth your competitors, it takes its toll on the whole industry and that will affect you. For example, you sell groceries online and you intend to promote your potatoes. Don’t start making statements like... “some online grocery stores will deliver rotting potatoes since you may not be able to select them yourself but we will deliver the best and healthiest potatoes to you”.
Actually, you think it will make them patronize you more, right? Yes, of course, some people may patronize you but most people will decide to go and buy their potatoes from brick-and-mortar stores where they can do the selection themselves. That way, you have dragged your niche in the mud to the advantage of competitor industries.
After explaining why your products are superior, add a little bit of urgency to it. This will make people take action quickly. For those that may want to procrastinate, you can include a discount coupon code but let them know that the offer is for a short period.
Finally, you must wrap it up with a clear call to action. Never assume that your potential customers know what to do. Without a clear call to action, many of them will only leave your website without doing anything. Remember, your website is meant for sales and not a mere museum.

Post informative articles regularly

You can have a blog on your website where you’ll post informative content every time. These pieces have to be relevant to your niche. First, it will establish you as an authority in the field. Secondly, people will flock your website regularly for information. Your major aim here is to build the credibility of your brand. People patronize only the brand they trust. More credibility will lead to only more patronage.

Upload videos

You must have observed that there are more videos flying around now. It is because organizations have realized that videos yield higher returns than text and picture. People are more likely to view and share videos and that is why videos go viral more than other information formats. The best part is that Google and other search engines rank websites with quality and relevant videos higher than websites without any video. Whether it is an explainer video or a corporate brand video, ensure you post videos on your website regularly.
If you apply these 4 tips properly, you’ll notice a huge increase in your sales conversions because these are the tips that successful brands apply consistently.

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