Implementing an Effective Cyber Security Management Plan

Implementing an Effective Cyber Security Management Plan

A hot topic across various company boards and online business is the protection of data.

With the ever-increasing number of data and numerous threat levels, the question has changed from “if we get hacked,” to “when we are hacked.”

Given the data loss and reputation damage that is associated with hacking, a company management board ought to be proactive as opposed to reactive. To protect critical data, a company needs to have an effective cyber security management plan in place.

A testament to the necessity of a cyber security plan, companies are required to have a cybersecurity policy to comply with the ISO/IEC 27001 standards. This article provides components of an effective cyber security management plan that should be considered in the implementation stage to ensure that you have an easy time addressing cybersecurity.

Classification of data

In every organization, there are different levels of data each with varying sensitivity. As such, not all data is protected similarly. When planning a cybersecurity management plan, organize data according to value and infrastructure required to maintain the data.

For effective cybersecurity management, ensure that you note each data storage facility your company has thus setting aside funds for data protection in each site. While at it, evaluate the number of personnel who access data to notice any weak spots that hackers would exploit.

To maximize data protection within a company, consider limiting the number of people who can access data to relevant personnel. While at it, have a framework for sharing data on various levels of communication in the company and control the sharing of data.

Establishing security controls measures

Since hackers can tap into communication paths and transactions and exploit the company in a bid to get ill gains, putting in place security control measures is of much necessity. After classifying your data, carry vulnerability tests to find areas that need patching.

To gain the right skills for vulnerability testing, consider engaging in basic courses for starting a cybersecurity career. Among the paths you can use in planning your cybersecurity management plan include the ISO 27001 standard regulations and the SANS institute control implementation plan. 

You can also rely on a vulnerability management system from renowned experts like GuidePoint Security.

Frequently performing data checks and verification of data

After establishing your cybersecurity management plan, you are left with the task of testing the system keeping in mind updated cyber threats. For this, you can engage ethical hackers to frequently check the capability of the security system to avert breaches of data.

To learn ethical hacking skills, consider engaging an institution that offers online IT training, therefore, enabling yourself to test the data.

Have a breach response plan in place

A pitfall for major companies is the lack of a breach response plan. For cyber security management to bear fruit, being able to take fast action against breach attempts is of much essence.

For maximum protection, set aside capital for an employee who tracks intruder activity and informs your team on the action to take. To curb hacking attempts, have a team of professionals who you can reach in case of breaches to patch the vulnerabilities.

After a breach attempt, counter checks every element of your business to note an anomaly. This is because hackers can leave behind files which may give them access to data which they would either use for distortion or even drive cash out of business.

Know the implications of outsourcing and plan how to avert the dangers

Although it may require all the help to design an effective cybersecurity management plan, outsourcing has its set of risks. Apart from giving unauthorized personnel access to data, unethical freelancers can offer their services to create backdoors which they later use to compromise security.

To avert this, you need to get trained to study the code and find possible loopholes. For the coding study, consult an institution which offers online IT training or hire an employee for security planning.

Building competencies for various roles

When assembling you're it department, put different cybersecurity management skills into consideration and build a team that satisfies the skill requirements fully. After creating a competent IT department, you can efficiently plan system maintenance frequent breach attempts.

Putting an effective cybersecurity management plan in place is neither a matter for one person to neither handle nor an overnight accomplishment. By following the above tips for cybersecurity management, you can realize maximum protection and control a company’s data. As part of the protocol, educate every member on cybersecurity to prevent data loss from any level.

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