How Women-Led Businesses Should Use Social Media To Power Growth

How Women-Led Businesses Should Use Social Media To Power Growth

As a woman entrepreneur on social media, you need to ensure that your brand is an extension of your powerful personality. Do not forget to embrace your inner-self, or share your experiences. Read more.

  • Are you a woman entrepreneur looking to reach new customers and grow your business on the internet?
  • Do you know how social media can help you provide a credible platform to reach, engage and convince customers?
  • Have you looked at social media strategies that focus on sharing your personal experiences, and connecting with target audiences?

In the past few years, women entrepreneurs are slowly breaking through the ranks to run successful businesses. If data is to be believed, women entrepreneurs are slowly making their mark in various businesses. 

Studies show that more than 163 million women started new businesses last year. In the United States alone, women started and owned 122 million businesses. According to experts, the rise of technology, software, social capital, and digital platforms have enabled women to push their businesses. 

In this article, we are going to look at one important element that is helping women start and run successful businesses- social media. 

We speak to some of the leading women entrepreneurs of our times and ask them how social media can be used to further business interests. 

List of 5 Social Media Strategies Women-Led Businesses should follow

1. Making Social Media an Extension of your Personality

When it comes to social media, women entrepreneurs should not shy away from infusing their businesses with their own personalities. In other words, as women-led businesses are likely to be more appealing to women customers, make the story-telling narrative on social personal. 

Customers on social media are not looking to just buy products and services. They want to engage with the brand and develop a personal connection or relationship as well. This is where putting your own personality for the brand can help you strike a chord with customers. 

2. Create an Engaging Brand Story drawn on Personal Experiences

Every woman entrepreneur often has a great past story and history. This is because women traditionally have had to face a lot of adversities as compared to men. Sharing your personal history and experience can help in creating a true underdog narrative on social media. 

This can be an inspirational tale of your business and allow you to form an emotional relationship with the audience. According to a leading expert that specializes in social media in UAE, social media is all about sharing personal history and experiences to woo customers. 

3. Celebrate the Success of Women in the Community 

As a woman-led business, you need to create and nurture a strong community of like-minded women. For example, if you are running a skincare brand, you can always champion the story of successful women dermatologists or skincare experts. 

When it comes to women entrepreneurs, celebrating the success of women in their community can help great conversations. Your social media can become a fulcrum point for the community and act as a forum for championing women’s interests. This can help you become popular. 

4. Embrace Failure, Address it, and Learn from it

If you have been reading up on literature around social media strategies, you must have heard about CRM. One of the major functions of CRM is addressing the complaints and criticisms that customers might have towards your business, its products, and the service. 

While a lot of brands shy away from acknowledging this, women-led businesses can use this as a weapon to improve themselves. If you are a woman entrepreneur, try to address these criticisms directly on social media from your own profile. You will see how much goodwill you earn. 

5. Take your Fans and Customers on an Educational Journey

Studies and research papers show that women are more likely to research a product or a service than their male counterparts. This means that they are looking at proper education to help them with their purchase decision. At a time when every brand on social is product-pushing, you can do something else. 

You can make your social media pages a source of the best education and information on the industry niche you operate in. Work with experts to create Q and A sessions, go Live and discuss as many problems as possible. All this helps in building brand credibility. 

The Bottom Line

While social media has allowed women-led businesses to grow, at the end of the day, the results can be subjective. We have tried to list down five ways and means that should inform your content and strategies on social media. If you would like us to elaborate on any of the points mentioned above, let us know in the comments section below. 

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