How to Use Technology to Fuel Substantial Business Growth

How to Use Technology to Fuel Substantial Business Growth

This past year has taught us a number of invaluable lessons. We’ve learned to appreciate our first responders more than ever, we’ve started finding creative ways to connect to our loved ones despite social distancing, and in a professional sense, we’ve started leveraging technology more than ever. After all, as more companies have had to transition to remote operations and send their teams home, technology has become the lifeline of success and growth throughout 2020. 

Using that as a reference, we can clearly outline a few of the most promising tech trends that will help companies across various industries soar in the upcoming years, too. The key is to invest in a diverse spectrum of tech solutions in order to maximize the potential of your investment and reduce the risks. Here, we’ll list a few of the core tech solutions your business can find essential for growth as we approach 2021. 

Cybersecurity to prevent threats

Prevention is the cornerstone of business success, because you cannot expect your business to retain its reputation if you focus only on the future – you also need to be mindful of your present. More often than not, growing your business will require preventing security threats and vulnerabilities so that you can preserve your reputation and ensure that there is, in fact, a future for your brand.

Cybersecurity technology will help you ensure that your processes, data, and interactions cannot be compromised. From malware software to hardware firewalls, you will need to expand your cybersecurity arsenal and make sure that your brand can be trusted. 

Mining your way to stability

Financial growth is the very foundation of your business growth, hence the need to make sure that you have the right financial potential to scale your business. Consider expanding your own investment portfolio as well as the ways in which you charge for your services. For example, cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin are becoming more popular every day, making them a surefire way to grow your company’s savings and to attract more customers.

To start off correctly, you can invest in the best bitcoin mining hardware that suits your business needs and that will come with the right ROI. With the right rig at your disposal, you can slowly grow your business savings and thus your company’s financial capacity, while at the same time making your business more appealing to customers that like and use crypto. 

Leverage a range of tech tools for collaboration

In case you’ve started working remotely with your teams, you are likely already coming across hurdles in your processes, with milestones missed and deadlines pushed. Then again, even if you’re already back to the office, perhaps you’ve noticed that not everyone is pulling their weight. This is where technology can allow you everything from increased employee productivity supervision with the right monitoring tools all the way to project management.

For your company to grow, your employees need to be able to work efficiently and deliver on what they promise to your clients. PM tools and chat solutions are a great way to keep your teams connected, encourage collaboration, but also to help them stay accountable. 

Use cloud computing

Growth requires scalability and flexibility. The most optimal way to ensure both for your business without tapping out all of your financial resources is to leverage cloud computing. When you move your infrastructure and operations to the cloud, you boost not only its security, but you also have more room to grow, introduce more software solutions, and ensure that your company can expand.

To a great extent, most modern cloud solutions are automated and require little upkeep and maintenance on your end. That simply means that you can have your IT experts handle your cloud environment, but that many of the internal processes such as updates and analytics can be automated.  

Boost your digital marketing 

Digital solutions are by far the most versatile for your company to let the world know of its presence and to connect to its customer base. What’s more, most digital marketing strategies today can be created with the help of a combination of free and paid solutions, so that you can both preserve your budget and still ensure the right ROI. Paid ads will help specific companies gain a stronger foothold and more visibility for specific products, but more engagement requires a long-term approach. 

For that to happen, you should utilize social media to make sure more people engage with your brand every day. Whatever your expertise might be, social networks are the perfect place for people to get to know your business and your values, up close and personal. So, the bottom line is that you should find a balance between paid and free campaigns, from content creation to SEM, so that your company can grow. 


Running your business without relying that much on technology might seem appealing if you’re a solitary entrepreneur or a product-based business. However, no matter the size of your company, if you’re aiming to grow in the foreseeable future and expand your customer base successfully, you need these and other complementary tech solutions to help you grow. Keep these options on the table for your business and start using tech to its full capacity to ensure that your brand stays a relevant, reputable name in the industry.

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Nate Vickery

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