How to Share Content That Readers Will Want to Re-Share

How to Share Content That Readers Will Want to Re-Share

People like to share quality content on social media but they want to do it so quickly and easily.

Social media is a wonderful platform to share content, but just like anything else, there’s the right way and a wrong way. Frequent sharers share the content to entice readers so that they can re-share it with their own audiences.

In almost all cases, content is always the king. And the king must command respect so that other can listen. Content needs to be interesting to woo the audience and get them into the mood. So it must make a great impression for the first time for it to be liked and re-shared. You may decide to check out websites where quality content should be produced for approval.

On social media no one sees you, it’s actually the text they see. This text is what your audience associate with. Therefore, you need to know how to make people want to share your content. So, how can you share your content in a way that will make your audience to re-share it? Find out in the next section.

Six Effective Ways to Share Content

Social media has an auto-text share feature for its user. Don’t just depend on this feature. Craft unique accompanying text for your venue in a way that suits your audience needs.

The best trick is to start with an engaging introduction to familiarize the audience on what you’re talking about. If you’re talking about a certain product, proceed to tell them how useful it is and it’s safe to use. This will ensure that the reader keeps reading the piece and in the end, they will find it appropriate to share with other people.

People always feel motivated to share content that says something good about them or highlight a positive trait. When you create good content and tag an influencer, people will be sure to share it.

Large brands and great influencers pick up your mention of their work through brand monitoring tools and social listening. This helps to give them a little boost on their work. Once you include an influencer in a certain post, ensure they are aware of it. Contact them via message, email, social media platforms, or their website. Also, don’t forget to mention their Twitter handle in a tweet.

When you mention great influencers, make sure to give them credit for their awesome work. It makes sense that you would want their huge following. Giving credit is all about expressing some form of gratitude for their politeness to appear in an interview or any other event. By appreciating them, you are likely to attract other people to our website by showing them how good and nice you are.

Also, it’s important to give credit every time you share content that was originally shared by a friend. When you give them credit, it makes them feel good.

Failing to give credit where it’s due will make you lose friends and other potential customers. Basically, it makes you look bad.

There is nothing good than making your readers feel engaged in something. One way to do this is to respond to comment. It’s a good way to create a strong bond and share a lot of things. If you write a new and nice personal note to every reader, it shows that you value them enough to want to know what they have to say about your product and service. It’s a simple indication that you value their time and effort. It makes them feel noticed and creates a strong relationship.

The content you share depends on where you share it. For instance, you may decide to share your post on Facebook or Twitter. For Facebook users, it may be appropriate to share content at 3:00 pm on Wednesday, and this can be in any time zone. But, if you have the resources, don’t be limited to a few options, you can test your optimal sharing times at any time.

In instances where there is a breaking story or news, it’s important to break it immediately before anyone else does. This means you can post it on any day and time. In this case, share it all over the social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and any other platform. This will generate a lot of re-shares.

  • Include a text for every social media venue
  • Tag great influencers on your article when necessary
  • Give credit where it’s due
  • Give a response to every comment
  • Find out the best time to share to get a great audience
  • Include a call to action

Anyone who owns a blog or an online business know that issuing a call to action is an essential tool to create a huge following. But you need to be sparing on the how frequent you use it. This is the only way to preserve the benefit of this tool.

Once you understand when and how to use the call to action, you will experience great change and your readers will engage more, share more and buy more if you’re offering a great product.


In the end, it all comes down to the fact there is a strategy to share content on social media networks. But you need to put in the time and effort into your shares, and you will grow your following by a bigger margin. With time you will understand that your new following is the results of your sharing technique and letting the audience know you value them. This is the appropriate way to ensure you get more re-shares.

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Alicia Honeycutt

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