How to recover from negative SEO tactics?

How to recover from negative SEO tactics?

Do you have any idea that how your competitors can hurt your search engine rankings?

Do you know they can go for malicious practices to decrease your search engine rankings?

Before we discuss how to deal with the negative SEO factor, let's understand how it happens.

  • Building backlinks
  • Malicious attacks on your website
  • Spam reports

How can you understand if negative SEO has attacked your website?

Well, there are two ways of understanding whether negative SEO has happened to your website.

  • If you get a notice for a natural link building or malware notification in the Google webmaster tools, there is a high chance that negative SEO has already taken place on your website, provided that you did not do any unnatural SEO to your site.
  • If you have recently witnessed a huge drop in your analytics data related to search traffic, there is a high probability that negative SEO has happened to your website already, provided that you did not do anything as such to break the guidelines of Google's webmaster.

Once you get to understand that something has happened related to negative SEO on your website, it is essential to take necessary action to fix it immediately.

How to remove the spammy backlink?

Now, with advanced services like that of Open Site Explorer and Ahrefs, you can easily find out who has a link back to your website. You need to enter the URL of your site, and there you will get the list of results showing the sites linking back.

Now you will certainly have to remove the link that is rick in anchor texts or simply irrelevant. For this, you need to send an email to the webmaster, requesting link removal. In some of the cases, you will find that people will completely ignore your mail and keep up with the links.

To increase the odds of getting your link removed, you can take permission from the law firm for using their letterhead when sending emails for link removal request. It has been found that when the emails contain the logo of a law firm, the response to link removal request works because people hardly like to get bothered by lawyers.

Poor links which you just cannot get easily removed, you will have to disavow them. You can also manually as Google does not count some of the specific links with the help of the Google webmaster tools.

By now you must be thinking that why you cannot disavow all the bad links and skip the part of sending emails, requesting people to remove the links. Well, this is because Google wants you to ask people for removing the links even before you use the disavow tool.

It has been found that webmasters skipping the emailing part and simply just using the disavow tool for removing the bad links get a rare chance to make good ranking again.

So, it is essential that even before you use the aforementioned tool provided by Google, you request people to remove the bad links. You can go for online 360 website optimization, to know about negative SEO fixation.

How can you fix the malicious attack?

In case of malicious attack, the attackers will modify something on your website. So, the very first thing that you need to do is to secure your web server. If you think that reversing the changes that have been done by the attackers will solve your issue, you are completely wrong. This will certainly not solve the issue unless you first seal the loopholes in the security check. It is because the attackers will again log back and conduct the malicious changes to reduce your ranking.

For this, you will need to hire affordable SEO companies that can help you to remove the malware from your server as well as lock it down. Again, you can also switch on the hosting provider to someone who has security experts on their panel to fight off the malware attacks by your competitors.

Spam reports

The best part about spam reports is that search engines usually ignores them if they are not into any Grey hat or Blackhat SEO. If you naturally rank your site without trying out any manipulative ways for ranking them, there is a high chance that you will able to retain your position. You need to worry once you break the guidelines of Google webmaster while optimizing your website. If your site comes across too many spam complaints, they will dive deeper into your website to find out if you have done something wrong. For instance, if you create a natural web link or you are cloaking, there is a high chance that you will be penalized.

If you are properly following the white hat SEO, there is nothing much to worry about the spam reports. But if you prefer Blackhat SEO, you might have to reverse those tricky changes to get back into the good books of Google again.

A preferable part of the spam reports is that they hardly affect the rankings of websites in comparison to the other negative SEO tactics that have been discussed above. So, if you are following the rules, there is just nothing to worry about this specific negative SEO tactic.


According to the above information, you can be very much sure that negative SEO actually exists and so it is always better that you follow the guidelines as well as produce good contents. In this way, you can fight negative SEO easily. Websites that have exceptionally good contents come with a higher number of authority links. When you have a huge number of authority links, they can easily outweigh the junk links that lead back to your website.

It is not possible to control people from creating all links to your website, but you can have control regarding the authority capability of your site. Simply focus on developing quality links, and it will help you to maintain your search engine rankings even if your competitors link your website several times from multiple adult sites.

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