How to manage work-life balance by changing work habits

How to manage work-life balance by changing work habits

It’s a very tough task to maintain a balance between work and life.

Although work is a basic need of life if you do work you get money by which you fulfill your other basic needs like food, cloth, shelter etc. Everyone does work for having a healthy and better life. But Somewhere peoples forget to live because they are busy to make more and more money. Making more and more money means doing extra work which is a sign of Stressful and unbalanced Life. If you are running a business or doing a job means you are living two life i.e professional life and personal life. And both are influencing by each other. When workload becomes high your professional life becomes stressful and the effect of this also visible on your personal life. You become angry, sleepless and uninspired and automatically your life turns out into unbalanced and unhealthy. Most entrepreneurs or business-mans have unbalanced or unhealthy life because they face a much stressful crisis like financial crisis by selecting the wrong accountant or accounting software for managing a yearly budget, Confrontation crisis, System and software crisis etc.

List of work habits that maintaining your work-life balance :

Defined Time Frames:

Defining time frames means to prioritize the important and unimportant work. Set a time frames for your work according to your work priorities. By doing so you will complete your tasks or work on time. Completing task or work on time means leaving for home on time and having some quality time for family and friends. Apart from this, it will decrease your workload for the next day. And When you come next day you will start with your new tasks, not the left one. It decreases workload and keeps you happy energetic and inspired towards your work.

Don’t Waste Working Time :

Doing other unimportant things at the time of working leads to workload. Don’t check out social media account while working. Put all your focus and efforts on your work to complete it on time. Don’t move here and there unnecessarily it is full of waste of time. Always be fair towards your work and your work ethics. Avoid idle chit-chat with your colleagues. Learn to say no to people or activities that distract you from your priorities. Once you put all your work distraction aside you will always complete your work on a given deadline which leaves a good impression of yours.

Don’t carry work with you at home :

For reducing workload some people started doing their office work at home which is a very unfair decision. Instead of spending some quality time with family and friends they are hooked up with their laptop. You can set aside your office work once you leave office and enjoy some quality time with family and friends. It makes you happy and relaxes.

Don’t increase the workload for the next day:

Avoid taking a Complicated project or booking a meeting an hour before you‘re set to leave. Avoid sending emails in the evening, it increases the workload for the next day. Skip social media check-up, chit chat with other employees and unnecessary small breaks.

All these activities distract you from your work and you won’t be able to complete your work on deadline that will increase your workload for the Next day.

System and software :

Must ensure that your system should virus free and all parts of it work properly. Your system must installed antivirus software to protect it from the viruses or corrupt files. If your pc is not having antivirus software then viruses spread in your system and damage all your important data, work files and documents, and put you in a stressful and unhealthy condition . Select the right software for your work, if you are running a business it is necessary for you to prefer software that will perfectly fit for your business. For example, if you want to generate e-way bill under Gst, you have to consider all your requirements related to e-way bill and Gst. Selecting wrong business software to bother you and make your task so complicated.

Conclusion :

Everyone in life faces problems every day by which you will lose the balance between your work and life. Just follow these simple tips and achieve some joy in your work and life. Do not mix up your work life with your personal life. Avoid doing the things that disturb you from your work. Trying to do smart work instead of hard work which saves your time and efforts.

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Christeena Lal

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