How to Make the Most Out of Your WordPress Plugins?

How to Make the Most Out of Your WordPress Plugins?

When you are running your website on WordPress platform, the most important thing to think about is plugin.

These plugins are simple programs that add various functionalities to your website. However, it can be a tedious task to keep all those plugins updated to their recent version in order to enable them to work properly. If they go out of date for a long period, they may start giving you problems. WordPress plugin development is not very simple as designing websites on WordPress. It needs a lot of expertise and dedication.
The plugins are simple tools that are essentially small PHP scripts, which work with the WordPress installation to spread out or boost its fundamental functionality.

Downloading and installing plugins:

You can easily download and install various plugins from the WordPress plugin store or from the official download links of the plugins. After downloading the plugin file, you would need to upload the zip file onto WordPress folder and then activate the concerned plugin. However, you may get limited functionality with many plugins and you would need to upgrade if you wish to use some of its premium functionalities. WordPress plugin development are made in two phases – one for free usage and other for premium usage.

Managing WordPress Plugins:

In order to make the most out of your installed plugins on your website backend, you need to keep an eye on them at all the times and update to the newly releasing version now and then. However, it can also happen that your plugins can be corrupted. It is again highly recommended to reinstall those plugins as soon as they are corrupted in order to evade any more damage to your website. One more thing that you should keep in mind is that you should at all times try to minimize the number of plugins you are using on your website. If you increase the number of plugins, you can easily notice that your website will start loading a bit slow than normal. This is for the reason that the script files of the plugins are too loaded when you load your website. If there are more plugins, then the scripts to be loaded is increased. Not only slow website loading, but also unnecessary plugins increase the size of the backup files. This denotes that you will need more time to back up your website and restore the backup when things go south. If you are facing problems managing your website then you can hire WordPress developer.

How to uninstall a plugin properly from your website?

Many individuals think it is just the same to either deactivate or uninstall the plugin from the website. However, it is not. Deactivating a plugin doesn’t delete the script files from your website. However, uninstalling does. When you deactivate a plugin, you have the liberty to activate it once again when you complete debugging the website. On the other hand, if you delete or uninstall a plugin from the website, you would need to install it once more from the store.
A deactivated plugin is also enough to make your website vulnerable to a number of malicious attacks and hacks. So, it is highly recommended to only deactivate a plugin in the course of debugging the website. Once you find the issue, you can activate it back. Conversely, if you find a plugin completed corrupted, and then it is better to completely uninstall the installation and reinstall it using recommended settings. When you properly uninstall the corrupt plugin from your website, you make your website free from any malicious attack and slow loading time.
If you want to completely install a plugin then you need to delete the file from the plugin page as well as delete all the additional files added by the plugin. In order to delete those additional files, you need to check through a FTP client and then connect to the wp-content folder to find all the files.

On a lighter note:

It is a matter of fact that usage of various WordPress plugins add to the features of the website and make your website appear smarter and faster. However, their constant need of maintenance is something that needs to be thought about. In addition, the subsequent thing to be considered is the trustworthiness of the vendor. Most of the times, it has been found that due to plugins your website start crashing loading. In order to stop this problem, you need to update immediately to the recent released version. You can hire WordPress developer to help you keep your website updated all the time.

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Brandon Graves
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