How to Create a Visually Appealing Website for Millennials

How to Create a Visually Appealing Website for Millennials

How to Create a Visually Appealing Website for Millennials

Millennials are here and they know their business.

When it comes to using media, following and creating trends this generational cohort is at the top of the game. They are always online and are pretty resourceful at using social platforms, design, media, and apps for promotional purposes of their personal agendas. They are considered to make more than 25% of the US population, so if you’re looking for a way to draw this targeted audience to your online content, you should try to understand them.

So understanding your audience is clearly important as it strengthens your business plan and allows you to customize your design in order to increase traffic and conversion rates. Here’s all you need to know about millennials and their teste for visual in website design.

Millennial Pink

Pink is definitely a color that you don’t want to avoid when designing websites for this targeted audience. From Wes Anderson’s Grand Budapest Hotel to iPhone case, everyone started using this mild tone of pink in their design for the same reason you should - millennials love it!

It’s a trend that simply won’t go away, and you should ride this wave if you want to attract millennials to your content. It speaks directly to the creative mind of a millennial. They appreciate clear, warm tones and responsive fast web design. Pink isn’t a girly color anymore as it’s often described, but a color that transcends gender, age, and mediums. It speaks to them in a clear and distinguishable way.

Overcrowding with Text isn’t a Good Idea

Adding a descriptive section on your website is one thing, but overcrowding it with text is entirely different. More importantly, it’s something that will cost you your millennial audience. And you definitely don’t want that, right?

When trying to tailor your content to attract this specific audience, you should go for a clean, user and mobile-friendly, responsive website. They prefer content that is direct, has a story and above all is visually appealing. This tech-savvy generational cohort is pretty informed on web design and anything that concerns the aesthetic and visual. So next to following general rules for designing a good web content, making your content as appealing as possible to their taste and will result in a guaranteed boost in your traffic rates.

Quality Videos and Photos Above All

Being that every millennial is an Instagram user, we can safely say that they know how to differ super-quality posts and from mediocre ones. They are very aware of Instagram’s business promoting potential and know how important it is to pay attention to aesthetics to attract masses. That being said, go for the social media photo quality of your content instead of using photos that you find appealing and think would look good on your website.

Make your home page as welcoming as possible, with lots of white space, warm colors, and as we stated before, quality photos. They need to speak their language while conveying your message. So look for that golden middle between their “visually appealing” and your storytelling and engaging content.

Video content is also a welcome subject if you ask a millennial for their opinion on web design. The majority of millennials confirm that the decision of purchasing a product was greatly affected by a promotional video they saw moments before. To be precise, more than 80 % of them can state this. So they didn’t read about its features on a blog or website but saw how it works and what the benefits of using it on a video.

Millennials Website Typography

Typography Matters

Although millennials don’t focus on reading much, they do tend to get drawn to an amazing font or beautifully designed set of letters. This is something that you should implement in your design if you want to keep and attract your millennial audience.

Look for that contemporary look in font styles and be sure that it’s on the list of their favorite ones. If you don’t know where to start your search, try with popular social platforms that they spend most of their day on are the best source of inspiration. A little research on the topic will provide with an abundance of font styles that will come in handy in your web design. Just be sure not to mix two or more fonts that aren’t compatible with one another. So learning the basics of typography is highly recommended.

Minimalism is a Must

When customizing your website to attract or keep your millennial audience, you need to have one thing in your mind - minimalism. As every trend that was once popular keeps coming back, minimalism isn’t excluded from this list. Forget about complexity and crowded content. What they want to see is exactly the opposite.

So stop what you’re doing and start planning how you’re going to limit the amount of content on your home page as well as every other page in order to make your website irresistible to millennials. It will definitely help you improve your conversion rates if millennials are your targeted audience.

To Sum it Up

Make no mistake, this generational cohort knows exactly what they want to see on a website, and understanding them will help you a great deal with your marketing strategy. The above-mentioned tips will help you understand their taste for aesthetics and will guarantee a spike in your traffic and conversion rates.

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