How Technology Influences Essay Writing: The Pros and Cons

How Technology Influences Essay Writing: The Pros and Cons

Technology has led to many changes around the world. Many people are experiencing the influence of technology in business, education, workplaces, essay writing, and more.

It has transformed how people do things, think, or act. In writing, authors have changed how they used to write in the past. They have altered how they would think over a topic or theme when it comes to compiling an article for their readers. Even in class, the current generation of students has a new experience in writing their essays because of the latest technology, as does every professional essay and paper writer from USA.
Writing essays, articles, academic papers, and other materials is procedural. The author needs to adhere to certain rules as he or she writes. Despite these procedures, technology makes essay writing easier than it was in the past. Many people can complain that writing is tedious. This is because they are required to go to the library, read multiple books, take notes, and compare written articles before composing their essays. Other tasks, such as editing the text, would be done manually. Today, all these things have changed. With the inception of new machinery and tools, writing has become simple. There are tools to help the writer in editing, checking plagiarism, and monitoring the word count.
There are advantages and disadvantages of technology in writing. While some people enjoy the new machines, others have a negative perception of the same. Here are some pros and cons of technology as related to writing:


Improves Written Communication

Through Google, authors gain a lot of knowledge to apply in their writing practice. Students have graduated from novices to skilled writers. The same applies to bloggers and other commercial writers. Their writing has improved greatly through their frequent interaction with the online materials written by other experts.

Increased Speed

Unlike the old style of writing, technology has made writing faster and easier in terms of finding the necessary material as well as typing. With the new models of computers with wide keyboards, essay writing has become swift; hence, saving a lot of time. People can also read articles online and find references fast. You only need to write a specific word on Google, and the result will be available within seconds.

Easier Editing

Professional writers know that editing a text is important. Sometimes it is not easy, and writers would spend long hours, many days, weeks, and months editing a manuscript. Thanks to the new technology that has made it easier through tools such as Turnitin and Grammarly. Besides, with the modern word processor, auto-correct typing is possible.

Enhanced Innovation

When people read texts from other authors, they are challenged to think and invent something new in their papers. You can learn different things such as styles of writing, grammar, sentence structure, and the general presentation of the essay. This helps one to be creative in their work instead of sticking to the past glory.

Improved Research Skills

The online library is extensive; there are many resources that one can refer to when it comes to online research. This makes essay writing easier. It improves the writer’s research skills as he or she delves into intensive reading and online consultation.


Risk of Plagiarism

The biggest challenge of technology is the risk of plagiarizing a text. It has affected most students because of their inexperience or limited research skills. They unprofessionally copy the content and cite their phrases wrongly which leads to plagiarism. You could be tempted to copy information from the internet, especially when you are running out of time. If you are not careful, you can quickly plagiarize your papers.


The new technology has made many people forsake physical libraries with rich books to rely on online libraries. Some research can be done best in physical libraries where one refers from one book to the other. This is difficult with the new technology because people would prefer the speed and efficiency of researching online instead or perusing voluminous books. This has led to a dependency on online sites. In a way, it decreases one’s ability to expound the ideas and opinions they have on a particular topic.

Reduced Thoughtfulness

It is difficult for students and other commercial writers to take time to think when they know they can access some information easily from the internet. They will turn to Google even with simple topics that one would write out of creativity.
There have been many changes in the writing sector due to the new technology. Google, social media, innovative software, and mobile apps have all contributed to the evolution that writers feel today. You have read the pros and cons of this technology. The pros outweigh the cons. You only need to be careful as you explore it to avoid the negative implications.

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