How is Digital Transformation shaping up the ecommerce industry?

How is Digital Transformation shaping up the ecommerce industry?

As we’re about to enter 2020, we can analyze the impact of Digital transformation on the retail sector.

The ecommerce industry has witnessed some of the major changes due to the digital technologies. Digital Transformation has been revolutionizing the retail industry lately. We have seen a lot of changes in different sectors of retail such as customer behaviors, buying channels, and online sales in the last few years. Retailers all over the world make use of the latest tools and technologies to get higher productivity and increase the sales and profits.

Omni-channel approach

Omni-channel strategies are being adopted by most of the ecommerce store owners to meet the ever-growing customers’ needs. Retailers are adopting multiple payment methods and faster delivery methods to keep pace with the growing competition in the ecommerce industry. Customers do not bother whether they are shopping from their mobile phone or at a physical store; they demand enhanced and a pleasant shopping experience. Your online store should offer an incredible online or offline experience to the customers. Advanced digital technologies can be integrated to deliver an amazing customer experience with the help of omnichannel strategy.


Personalization helps ecommerce retailers and portals increase their online sales. Artificial intelligence and machine learning can be used examine the customer interactions on multiple platforms and offer personalized recommendations to the users. Customer-centric approach can help you win the customers and build loyalty with your store. In-depth mapping of your customers can help you grab their attention by providing personalized experiences using digital technologies. Offering a semantic-based search option to the users can be a good idea to help them search for products or services on your website smartly. AI technology can understand and respond to human semantic and deliver relevant search results for the users.

Automated chatbots

Voice assistants and automated chatbots are a revolutionary trend in the digital transformation industry. You can place a live chat option on your ecommerce store so that the users can interact chatbots and get answers to their queries quickly. Chatbots are the programs that can deliver an awesome experience to the users. Whether the visitor wants to get answers to their doubts about online payments or availability of a particular product, Chatbots are human-like intelligence option that can help to solve the customers’ queries and help in boosting the conversion rates.

Mobile apps

You can think of building a native or progressive web app to reach a wider audience. Shoppers love to make purchases from their mobile devices and tablets. They also prefer localized deals, creating wishlists, ordering products/services online, scheduling ins-store pickup, and a lot more. So, the importance of building mobile applications for growing your retail business cannot be ignored.

Interactive kiosks or in-store screens

Customers love self-service and that’s where interactive kiosks come into the picture. Such kiosks or screens in the stores helps the shoppers quickly scan the inventory and find what products they are looking for at the store. Kiosks can also be used to scan the barcodes to help the customers gain the information about the products. They can even place the orders by scanning the barcodes using in-stores kiosks.

Mobile POS devices

Mobile Point of Sale devices such as Google or Apple Pay can be used for in-store checkout options. Stores can accept digital payments and modernize themselves for the future trends. Self-checkout or POS options would grab the attention of more users to your store and help you increase your sales.

Better inventory management systems

Applying digital technologies to your business can help you manage your inventory better so that you can serve your customers in a more efficient way. Automated solutions for inventory management will free up employee time and deliver enhanced customer experience.
There are many ways in which digital transformation impacts retailers. It’s time to digitize processes and experiences through digital technologies to stay ahead in the race. Modern retailers should think of being responsive to the demands of consumers and adopt the best practices to deliver a seamless shopping experience to the users across all the channels.

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