How Casinos Are Using Technology to Transform Customer Experience

How Casinos Are Using Technology to Transform Customer Experience

We’ve already examined the ways that technology has been changing customers’ experiences in the retail world, and now we’re going to take a look at how technology is transforming other industries, such as the casino industry.

Casinos have long been eager to take up new technology, not only to improve their own operations and security, but also to offer better experiences for their customers. Below we’ll take a look at some of the ways casinos are using new technologies to improve their customers’ satisfaction and experience.

Acceptance of Cryptocurrency

Many casinos in Las Vegas have started to accept cryptocurrency like Bitcoin as a form of payment for hotel rooms, in gift shops, and at restaurants, among other places. This is a great move for Vegas casinos considering Vegas’s proximity to Silicon Valley, which is largely considered to be the tech hub of the world. So not only are casinos now offering regular consumers another form of payment for casino-related purchases, but they’re also establishing themselves as the entertainment destination for those in the tech industry.

More Personalized Experiences

For an ever better casino experience, many casinos are now tracking players’ behavior in order to offer players better experiences on — and off — the floor. This includes players’ behavior at the table (such as bet size or length of play) and other things like gift store and food purchases, favorite slot machines, and room service requests. Often, this information is collected through the use of a loyalty card. In return for their loyalty, players are offered incentives to keep playing, such as upgrades, meals, coupons, or better hotel rooms.
This collection of data also benefits casinos by allowing casinos to see which slot machines are most popular, how they can keep players on the floor longer, and which areas of the casino have the most and least foot traffic. All of this data can be analyzed and used to improve the casino experience for consumers across the board. It can help casinos figure out how to update their offerings based on what’s most popular. After all, who wants to wait in line for a slot game? As a result of data collection, the casino can just get more of a particular game. It’s a win-win: the consumer gets to play what they want to play, when they want to play, and the casino gets more consumers to play instead of standing on the floor.

Improved Sports Betting

Sports betting is more accessible than ever now: You can bet online, on your phone, and on an app. But in casinos, sports betting is getting even more exciting thanks to advancements in technology. Consumers can now benefit from tech-enhanced sportsbooks, sports betting kiosks, and in-play sports betting capabilities, which can be customized according to the games they’re most interested in.
Although this technology has been available in Europe for a while now, it’s just hitting the U.S. You can expect sports betting to grow even further in the U.S. and abroad in the coming years as further tech developments are embraced both inside and outside of the casino.

Tech-Enhanced Rooms

Ever wish hotel rooms looked like they belonged in this century? Many in the casino industry understand and are 100 percent with you. That’s why many casinos are updating their rooms to include smart technology. Guests will be able to control nearly everything in their room — like lights, temperature, alarm clocks, food service, and room cleaning — remotely through an automated control system that can be accessed from their smartphones. Better yet, guests can “set” their rooms to meet their needs and then save their preferences for their next visit.
Beyond hotel rooms, casinos are adding in smart devices throughout their buildings to improve customer satisfaction across the spectrum. They also make sure to stay up to date on the latest cybersecurity practices so that guests never have to worry about the safety of their devices while in the casino.
All of these tech upgrades certainly offer an unforgettable experience for casino guests — and you can bet that guests will take note.

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