Hiring an SEO Agency? Consider These Pros and Cons of SEO First

Hiring an SEO Agency? Consider These Pros and Cons of SEO First

SEO is directly proportional to the growth of your business on Google. It is the thing that most of you take as a fact and believe in.

Well, there is no doubt that SEO promotes your rankings, of course, it does, but just like anything, SEO too is not an exception to cons. And today, we are going to talk about the same, so you would get both pros and cons. It would help you to understand SEO in a more profound way before hiring the SEO agency.

So Let’s Hop On and Start With the Pros-

#1 SEO Is About Receiving Regular and Targeted Traffic

No doubt that SEO brings you regular traffic once you start applying the set of SEO tactics. Another benefit is that SEO also brings you the targeted traffic if you make use of the right keywords. The targeted traffic means you get visitors for which you created the services. It is imperative because if your website does not get visited by the right audience, there would be fewer chances to convert your visits into sales.

For example, you provide wheelchairs online and if your website receives views from those who do not need the wheelchairs and are completely active and fit then they would leave your page instantly because the wheelchair does not make any sense to them.

#2 It Brings You the Traffic with High Chances of Conversion

This one refers to the first point as digital marketing services bring you targeted traffic. Targeted traffic is the thing you need to complete the sales funnel. Using SEO tactics and keywords the right way bring you users looking for the same services and products you offer. So whatever your industry is, putting the right keywords in your content and website let the users stumble upon who are in actual need.

#3 It Lets You Get Recognized As the Brand in the Niche

By the time, your platform gets fame, and that means higher rankings. Users or those who browse for your services start noticing your website. In the next stage, they start recognizing you and visit often. When you maintain quality in your services, customers often visit and spread words on behalf of you. This eventually gets you even more visitors and makes you recognized as the next reliable brand in their list.

#1 SEO Is Time-Consuming

No one can argue on this because SEO does take time to show you results in those search engines. It is the reason that many new bees avoid doing SEO as it is a matter of patience that needs the motivation to continue on the path. Also, the massive amount of competition acts as another downside of SEO; it keeps new bloggers from ranking. The overall process of getting indexed is enough to give you frustration that makes you avoid SEO.

#2 It Takes Investments

Let’s agree on this; you are not going to do the complete SEO of your platform unless you are an SEO expert. As a result, it demands to hire those SEO firms, and that charges you money. You can even lose your bucks if you do not pay attention while choosing the SEO firm that focus on marketing trends. Beginners often hire just any company that seems to make big promises, and they feel doomed in a few days.

#3 And It Takes Time to Return Those Investments

Even if you do not have any problem with investing, you do expect to see results. Additionally, you wish to get those investments in return. With SEO, it seems taking decades, and that can be really disturbing for small businesses that rely on the returns. The delayed returns keep them from using further SEO services, and it affects overall results gained so far.

#4 One Mistake Can Make You Penalized

You may have heard some terms like Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird. These are Google’s algorithm that works to improve the overall search and results. Only an expert can follow along with these updates and make changes accordingly. Missing on any crucial step can keep you on the penalty from Google. This again leads you to frustration and makes your efforts get wasted.


This way SEO stands on both negative and positive sides, and you can choose accordingly. It may not be so comfortable if you have just started your business or company. If this is the situation opting for other digital marketing services like SEM would be great. However, those who can invest regularly without expecting short-term returns can go with SEO services by hiring an SEO expert.

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Jeff Backly

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