Growing business on Instagram

Growing business on Instagram

Everybody assays it’s getting harder to grow business on Instagram, and this is true, but only partially.

The number of commercial users has increased, and even exceeded the number of personal non-business pages. That’s why we can conclude that the attention of each ordinary user is hunted by several companies providing similar products and services simultaneously. Though people spend more time online in comparison to previous years, you can hardly hope that among all the competitors the users will choose you unless you have built a proper strategy for your page. Not to lose chances, think about how to make your page more attractive for existing followers and also for the users that are not following you yet.

1. Make your bio effective

By an effective bio, we mean the one which gives all the necessary information about you and your business without being too long, too cliché, or too annoying. Choose the right name for the page and illustrate all your PODs and the advantages of your products/services. Also, don’t hesitate to use services like linkpeak to add more than one link to the Instagram page. If you have a Telegram channel, company website, and a podcast, make sure you have put their links in the bio. Here, use searchable keywords that will help you get into suggested posts for the audience interested in the goods you produce, or services you offer. To get more information on how to organize links in bio visit this site.

2. Post relevant content

Of course, your page should be diverse, but make sure you have chosen the right strategy for the content, and all the information you post is relevant to the aims of your blog. Avoid repeatable information or clueless pictures. Make sure the content you post is worth re-sharing. In this way, you can cover a lot of non-followers who can get interested in the information you share. The content must be unique, so the descriptions under the pictures must express your own vision, not repeating what has been already said by your competitors. The pictures must be well-organized in the feed. For these needs, you can choose a customized filter that mirrors your brand archetype and is relevant to the industry you represent. Remember that people-centric photos are very popular as that shows what emotions your product brings to the customer.

3. Don’t be afraid to steal followers

Competitors are highly effective for your business as they can easily give you the necessary information on the main trends in the market. Besides, you can steal their followers. We are not talking about anything illegal, just some effort to re-engage the users who are interested in the products you have but have chosen some other sources. Check the posts of your competitors, explore active followers who like the posts, or comment on them. Then you can follow those users and try to engage them. Don’t hurry to send your offer as soon as you follow the user or even get the follow-back. There’s a great chance that the user will quickly lose interest in you. For the beginning, like and comment on their picks, use cute emoji, express your interest in their page, and only then start direct advertising of your products. And, at least for the beginning, avoid automation in these activities, it’s not only ineffective but also unethical.

4. Use hashtags and geotags

If you run a local business, add guitars to your usual hashtag strategy. In this way, you will have more chances to reach the right audience and organize potentially transactional communication. The hashtags, the users follow, help them organize the suggestions and the information appearing in their timeline. That’s why the more precise you are in choosing relevant hashtags under your posts, the better results you’ll get in users’ search. Location tags are highly effective, as they will certainly bring the local audience to your page.

5. Transform stories into highlights

One of the greatest tools on Instagram that are widely used by business pages is highlights. Stories disappear after 24 hours but you can save the most effective ones in the highlights of your page. You can make a couple of categories and group the content into them. So, the second life for your stories is guaranteed. In general, Stories is a great tool that can bring a lot of advantages if you use them properly. First of all, avoid posting unengaging stories, because, in this way, you’ll lose the priceless chance to get feedback from the audience. Uses widgets, they will stimulate your viewers to comment, take part in the polls and quizzes. Flower shops can demonstrate the bouquets they have made during the day or the process of flower combining. This is a good way to show the business dynamics.

6. Choose a consistent posting strategy

  • It’s not a secret that you won’t make a successful account by posting once in a while. So, there is some crucial factor you should take into account in your content plan:
  • Make sure you know the addressees of the messages you share. In other words, the better you know your audience, the more effective your posts are. Choose the proper language to reach the communicational goals
  • Choose the right posting frequency. Effective posting has nothing to do with spamming. So be active, but not too much. Study the general trends in the industry and the strategy your competitors use.
  • Post at the right time. Without the necessary analysis, it’s hard to understand when is the time to share your posts. Think about the audience again and their schedule to reach them as soon as they check their page
  • Combine live stories with feed posts, don’t forget about IGTV. If your products need some instructions for more effective usage, shoot longer videos, involve influencers to help you, make the process of narration interesting, avoid monotonous messages
  • Be always creative, as it is not only the message that must be interesting, the way you present it sometimes matters even more.

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