Green Marketing: The Key Ingredients for Successfully Becoming a Green Business

Green Marketing: The Key Ingredients for Successfully Becoming a Green Business

When you think about the reasons for becoming greener in your life, there are many that immediately come to mind. Plastic is destroying the oceans, landfills are overflowing and the planet is finding it harder and harder to sustain us in the way we used to ask it to.

So, it is clearly important to make changes in your life that will go some way to fixing these problems. The more people who take this on board, the better it will be for the health of the planet.

What you might not have considered is that you can change your business into a more eco-friendly one too. There are a number of ways this can be done and if you can implement them sooner rather than later, you can start making a difference to the environment right now. Here are some ideas of what you could do.

Switch To Reusable Office Supplies

No matter what kind of business you run, there is always going to be some admin required and some form of office supplies needed. From pens to paper, from ink cartridges to sticky notes, there is always a lot that is used and always a lot that is wasted. If you can switch to reusable office supplies, you will be making a huge difference. This could mean:

  • Using white boards or electronic devices instead of sticky notes
  • Using recycled paper (and reusing scrap paper where possible)
  • Using refillable pens
  • Always buying eco-friendly, sustainable products whenever you need to top up the stationery cupboard

You can even bring your own promotional products in under this remit. With the likes of offering promotional water bottles that can be printed with your branding and logo, you can go green and promote your business at the same time.

Practice Green Procurement

One of the best ways you can successfully become a green business is to ensure that you practice green procurement. This essentially means that you will take a good look at all your suppliers and check that they are providing you with the most sustainable options when it comes to whatever it is you need to buy. If they are not, you can start looking around for suppliers that will be able to do this for you.

Once all your suppliers are providing sustainable products and services, your own business will be much greener, and you will not have had to do anything yourself other than overseeing your buying and researching your suppliers. Everything else will be down to a third party.

Reduce Your Energy Consumption

Your office or other kind of workplace is going to be using energy. Even if you work from home, you will be using energy. In order to be a cleaner, greener, more eco-friendly kind of business, you need to look at ways to reduce your energy consumption as much as possible.

There are almost countless ways to do this. From switching your lightbulbs to LED versions (and ensuring you turn off any lights that you are not using), to installing solar panels for more sustainable energy to using less water, you can quickly change the way you go about your day to day practices and make a big impact on the planet around you through your business.

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