Get likes on Instagram and follow SEO tactics to increase your brand visibility

Get likes on Instagram and follow SEO tactics to increase your brand visibility

Instagram today has become a popular and reliable marketing platform! According to the latest statistics, today, there are over a billion active monthly users on this social media platform.

So, Instagram is gradually becoming more popular than other social media networking sites. A considerable section of users is waiting to check out the content you post on Instagram. Hence, you need to find ways to reach out to endless users, engage them, and create business opportunities. The two ways to go about it is SEO and increasing Instagram likes.

Why should you buy likes on Instagram?

An Instagram profile with more likes tends to draw more attention from users and customers. Business partners also approach you if your profile has a good follower count. Hence, if you want to make your profile look impressive, it's an excellent decision to buy likes on Instagram. There are specialized service providers who can help you with this.

SEO for Instagram

You can deploy the SEO tactics for a social media platform as well. You can use the standard SEO tactics to generate organic growth in your Instagram account. This social media site comes with its search engine and in-built search functions, which replicates Google's function. Discussed below are some of the best SEO tactics for Instagram.

1. Optimize the Instagram business profile

It’s essential to optimize the Instagram business profile to maximize the user base. Some of the tried and tested ways to go about it are:

  • Ensure that you have a public profile setting.
  • Opt-in for a vibrant profile image of your brand.
  • Set-up a searchable business name.
  • Use a searchable and easy username.
  • Add a link in the bio that people can track.
  • Make sure that you register for a business account.

You might consider these steps as obvious and easy, but people at times overlook the simple steps. When the necessary steps get covered, you can address other technical aspects.

2. It would be best if you treated the hashtags as the keywords

The moment your Instagram profile gets optimized, it's essential to do the same for your posts. It's an end-to-end process that needs extra attention. The majority of users won't be searching for you directly if they don't know about you. It’s more likely that they will discover you on Instagram because of a hashtag. That's why brands should invest in a smart hashtag strategy and consider the same as secondary keywords.

3. The secondary keywords should be in your bio

The secondary keywords comprise of topics and phrases that revolve around the primary keyword. For instance, if you have “cafeteria” as your primary keyword, then you can add "cheesecakes," "cupcakes," and "pancakes" as your secondary keywords. The secondary keywords are apt for drawing in people who might not look at any primary keyword but still might get interested in your product. Hence, it would be best if you managed the keywords based on the products you have. You can also change the secondary keywords from time to time, based on the products you want to focus on.

4. Make sure to add the primary keywords in the username and display name

Instagram has an inbuilt self-contained search engine. And to show the correct search results, you must work with the app. For starters, you should point towards the primary keyword. For instance, let's use the word "cafeteria" to explain this. So, every time an Instagram user is searching for coffee shops, they will use the "cafeteria" as their keyword. And when you use this keyword in the display and username, chances are you’ll end up showing up in more search results.

5. Refrain from the common black-hat SEO tactics

Google isn't the only search engine that detects the black hat SEO tactics. Instagram is doing the same as well. Currently, Instagram has started detecting and punishing accounts that follow black hat SEO tactics to get more followers and likes. Recently, they have come up with a massive ban for users who resort to wrong SEO tactics.

Hence, make it a point to avoid the following:

  • Refrain from stuffing keywords.
  • Don’t duplicate any content.
  • Don’t start to follow too many Instagram account.

SEO is a gradual process! And you have to undertake the same approach with Instagram SEO as well. That means you shouldn't get disappointed if you don't see any immediate results. Many brands and business houses get lured with the attraction of quick fixes and end up opting in for harmful SEO practices. It ends up in danger sooner or later and is always best to avoid these tactics.

Other than following the guidelines mentioned above, it is also essential to stay connected with your audience. It would be best if you encourage conversations and also reply to the comments and messages. It will help you showcase a positive brand reputation, which will lead to maximum brand recall and visibility. The more people talk about you in addition to the best search results, your brand will fetch you more customers and profits.

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Randy Stark
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