Four App Features You Must Have to Enhance Brand Credibility

Four App Features You Must Have to Enhance Brand Credibility

The usage of mobile phones has increased rapidly in the last decade. It is reported by Yahoo that “90 percent of the people’s mobile usage is coming from apps”.

According to Google, “91 percent of the smartphone users say they turn to their phones for ideas in the middle of a task and 82 percent of them consult their phones before buying anything in a store.”
Mobile phones allowed users to achieve anything today with just a tap. This was taken ahead with rapid app development. We have moved into the age of apps. From utility apps (food ordering apps, travelling apps, etc.) to business apps, applications are bringing customers closer to the business.
Businesses saw it a way increase their brand credibility with these platform and enhance their customer engagement. But, in this rapid appification age, how do businesses stand out to their target audience?
Brand credibility is everything to businesses. It creates loyal customers and helps businesses to assist at every time of decision. How an application does it becomes a tactical issue?
Yes, apps do enhance engagement, but brand credibility?
This is where you may want to focus. Here is a list of features that allow to increase your brand:

Cut the Clutter - Personalization Options

No one wants to buy oranges, when they are looking for apples. It is important to know your users (customers) and their preferences. Instead of leaving them to pick from a large group of items or services, you can suggest options that are most suitable.
Thanks to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, personalization of app has become a feasible task. App personalization allows to give users with experiences tailored to their specific need rather than one experience for all.
Nike stands as one of the greatest examples of app personalization. It had restructure the app to allow personalization to its users. We are talking about the fitness app - Nike + Run Club. This complete makeover is to permit users to pick feasible workout plan and changes according to the user needs. It is uses the information available to it and customizes the experience for every user.

“Sharing” is “Growing” - Share Button

The ease of sharing an application plays a major role in boosting your brand credibility. When a user installs the apps, there are multiple actions that a user can take. The share button gives access to expand your brand to larger audience. However, we are not talking about sharing your application rather the products, services or any specific items. Integrating such a feature allows to increase traffic and engagement of a specific item.

Loyalty Points

Treat your loyal customers different from the new customers with loyalty points. Retaining your existing customers is most important than attracting new customers. Having more loyal customers provides an upper hand in the market and on the competitors. Irrespective of the size of your business, it is crucial that you have loyal customer base and your application must reflect this.
This not only allows to increase brand visibility, but also boost size (says a Forbes report). Loyalty points scheme is one of the best ways to retain your customers and recommend suggestions of your new products. You would be surprised with the personal connection they make with your brand.

Support System

Be available for your customers whether it is on call, chat or to request a query in the right time. Provide detail guide to reach and be open to take any feedback from the user. It is reported that getting feedbacks from customers has always been a helpful for businesses. Staying connected with your customers is the key to establishing brand credibility and maintaining long-term relationships with your customers.
Above, a few essential features in applications that help you stand out among others. Every business needs a unique approach to reach their audience and gain brand credibility. The mentioned areas allows to achieve that unique dimension to your business.

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Thomas Honey

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