Follow The Useful Composition Tips For Creating A Better Opportunity Of The Traffic

Follow The Useful Composition Tips For Creating A Better Opportunity Of The Traffic

The social media channels are places where you will see most of the mobile phone users are hooked on.

If you want to make them your prospective clients and sale all you have to do is make them visit your site to take a look at the features and info of your product. Since pictures speak a thousand words and even more, what more can be more effective than creating one of the most stunning photos and post it in your social media account to entice your followers.

There are several social media channels that will allow you to add pictures and videos in your content to make it more appealing, to the readers. However, with the intent to make it more appealing you may tend to use more pictures, graphics, and videos in your content. Well, this will not serve your purpose in any way doing more harm to your site than good. It will be slow to load and your visitors will soon leave it resulting in loss of traffic and prospective sales as well.

To make the best use of the pictures and tell the story about your brand and product in a better way, the best social media platform to use is Instagram, which is typically a photo sharing and video sharing app. This is not only the best and most effective platform you will find in the social media circuit but also happens to be the most popular platform in comparison to all other social media channels having an active monthly user of more than 800 million.

Road to success

Therefore, if you can even be successful to drive even 1% of such a huge number of Instagram followers towards your business site, you can very well calculate the amount of traffic you will have increased along with the chances of lead conversions.

However, things are easier said than done and therefore you will need to consider all factors and features to make the best use of this popular social media platform. Therefore, with so much content, sometimes you may naturally find it difficult to find the right one so that your business account gets easily noticed. However, there are a few easy ways to do this and ensure better results such as:

  • You will first need to create the most stunning Instagram square
  • Next you will have to make sure that it is composed professionally and in the best possible way
  • You will need to use proper and catchy captions and
  • Apart from that you will need to use proper and relevant hashtags and must make sure that these hashtags that you use come in handy.

Lastly and most importantly, if you are determined to make a positive impression then you must make sure that you follow the trick which is to work with the limitations of Instagram instead of working against them. This will eventually make it work against you and in turn make your marketing strategy worthless and unproductive.

The composition tips

Composing is the most significant aspect of developing content. This content can be your unique or that of any user and you are allowed to use both in your Instagram profile. However, the most important thing to consider in this regard is to understand the delicate line of difference and balance between the number of your posts and the frequency of posting.

There are several studies conducted on this subject that have discovered a lot of facts that has helped the marketers to develop a specific strategy to gain the best results. Some of these tips and strategies that you may follow include:

  • It is good to post one to three posts per day but the key factor here is to identify the best posts and be consistent.
  • You must also condition your followers so that you can expect a rate of output.
  • You must also make sure that they stay tuned on a subconscious level to look for new content from your brand whenever they check their Instagram feed.
  • In order to make sure that you post on Instagram consistently you will have to make sure that you have an editorial schedule and better and more effective workflow mapped out so that it help your marketing communications team.

Lastly, know the right day of the week and the best time to post your content so that most of the users can see you when they check their Instagram feed.

Few other tips to follow

There are also a few other ways in which you can make your posts more appealing so that the users click on the given links and are directed towards your site.

One of the useful ways is to use DropBox for sharing the files. This is probably the fastest and easiest tool that will allow you in syncing across several devices and teams.

  • You will find that it is easy to share photos and images along with other relevant assets with your marketing communications team.
  • This tool is widely available across all social media platforms and is also easily accessible across all available devices.
  • It will allow all the team members to access the files simultaneously and since Instagram contents can only be posted through a mobile device, it will help you a lot in helps simplifying the logistics involved.
  • When you use this Drop Box tool, you will stay more organized with your team and this will, in turn, prove to be very helpful in having a clear, better and more sensible file organization structure within all of your shared folders.
  • You will be able to keep all the raw images in a dedicated folder that will help you, in turn, to work on the files for infographics separately from the images that are finished and ready-to-be published.
  • Most importantly, it will help you to tweak your photos as and when required as per the demand and need of your users.

In short, it will ensure that the images appear automatically in the DropBox folder of your team on their device.

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