Factors that Affect the Conversation Rate of Your E-commerce Website

Factors that Affect the Conversation Rate of Your E-commerce Website

So you have created an e-commerce service, and you have also got your website and mobile app up and running.

However, you are not getting the results you'd like to get. Well in this article you will learn about some factors which can help you get better conversion rates on your e-commerce website.

1. Harness social media

You have to have social media accounts, or your business would remain invisible. Most users who use e-commerce websites will be quite active on social media also, and hence, you have to catch their attention on social platforms. Many users start using e-commerce only after finding them on social media. So to become more popular and get more trust amongst users you have to have social account pages. Start your own Facebook page, your Twitter account, and even Instagram. Create engaging profile pages so that your potential customers will be able to experience a more personalized connection with your brand.

2. Videos

Showing product videos increase the sale of that product by almost a 100 percent. Videos are easy to find and watch and understand, users won’t have to read a lot of text to understand the product or the service. The mass appeal of videos has increased sales of many brands on media like Youtube.

3. Website’s UI

Your e-commerce website has to be visually appealing to your users, and it has to be easy to navigate and use. Web design is a vital aspect of e-commerce websites. Optimize your website to work well on mobile-phone screens also. You have to SEO your site. The web designing must be easy for the user to navigate and find the links and stuff he is looking for. Users won't spend more than a few seconds on your website if they fail to get a grasp of it early on.

4. Ratings and testimonials

Testimonials, reviews, and ratings affect conversion rates. They make people trust your brand more and stay on your website which increases the chance of them buying your products. Customer feedback is essential to make your e-commerce site work.
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The factors mentioned in this article will help you get better conversion rates on your e-commerce website. So make sure you create a good social media presence, optimize your website's user interface, including more video content and finally display reviews and ratings of your products to customers.

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