Everything You Need To Know About Video Marketing in 2018

Everything You Need To Know About Video Marketing in 2018

Everything You Need To Know About Video Marketing in 2018

Content marketing and consumption – especially video content – are always changing each year.

Now that 2017 is over, let’s take a look at what we have learned from 2017 and what to anticipate for in 2018.

There are many platforms that companies can use to run their video marketing on: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn – just to name a few popular ones.

The main challenge of doing video marketing is: each of these platforms prefers different type of content.

Take for an example Facebook – a platform which, above all else, love square videos. Majority of Facebook’s traffic come from mobile users, and square videos takes up more space when viewed on mobile – making the viewing experience that much better. In 2017, many marketers have realized this and created their content accordingly.

LinkedIn, as a social media platform is still adapting to video marketing. In 2017, they launched an update that allows users to upload video content, like explainer videos, natively.

YouTube, as a video platform is still adapting to the concept of vertical video. In 2017, they launched an update to their mobile app that allows vertical video to be viewed vertically – in full screen.

Because of how fresh and unheard of this update is, there are still a handful of videos optimized for vertical viewing.

That’s only three platforms – and we barely scratched the surface there.

In order to help you keep up with video marketing on different platforms next year, Breadnbeyond did an extensive research on video marketing in each platform and shared their insights on the state of video marketing in 2018.

Check it out.

State of Video Marketing

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