ESSENTIAL MARKETING TIPS FOR E-COMMERCE STORESEssential Marketing Tips for E-Commerce Stores

ESSENTIAL MARKETING TIPS FOR E-COMMERCE STORESEssential Marketing Tips for E-Commerce Stores

E-commerce experienced a major boom in 2020, but for brands to ensure that they continue to benefit and stay relevant in a sea of tough competition, it is more important than ever to utilise the power of digital marketing.

Digital marketing can be one of the biggest drains on an e-commerce stores resources, so it is highly important that it is deployed in a strategic manner, using techniques that offer the highest ROI. If you're struggling with your e-commerce strategy, don't hesitate to contact the Kent based company Bing Digital to get your business right where you want it to be. The following techniques offer good returns and are considered to be some of the most useful practices that an e-commerce store can deploy in 2021.

Use SMS Marketing Software

SMS marketing is very similar to email marketing, but messages are just sent via SMS text to mobiles. People tend to get fewer text messages so are much more likely to open and read marketing SMS than marketing emails. According to, SMS marketing software offers much more than a simplified means of mass marketing communication with customers. It can offer highly valuable insights like:

  • Subscriber Segmentation

This allows you to send the right text message to exactly the right mobile subscribers, suited to your customer segments, meaning that what you’re offering is highly personalised to your customer personas and are more likely to get results

  • Subscriber analytics

When you partner with SMS marketing companies, such as Messente, you get easy-to-understand web-based subscriber graphing tools that allow you to easily tack subscriber trends.

  • Subscriber profiles /li>

You also get some form of subscriber profile, which can be used in the future to allow you to offer a more valuable and personalised service.

  • Merge Tags

Merge tags allow you to personalise each text message e.g by using your subscriber’s first name.

  • Messaging Analytics

This is a highly valuable feature as it allows you to track the success of every mass text, and therefore optimise your messages for maximum impact.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing can be a valuable addition to any marketing strategy for a range of reasons. It can give you increased brand awareness, which allows you to reach a new and relevant audience. It can also help you to generate that credibility and trust that consumers need to make purchases – studies have found that respondents are 92% more likely to trust an influencer compared to a paid ad. Influencer marketing can also improve your SEO if the influencers link back to your domain, as this can increase your domain authority.

Create a Brand Loyalty Programme

Research has found that 77% of consumers say that they are more likely to be loyal to a brand with a good brand loyalty programme. This is very useful to e-commerce stores because trying to attract new customers is much more costly than retaining existing ones.

This is especially true because 15% of loyal brand customers can generate anywhere from 55% to 70% of total sales. Research from Harvard Business School has found that increasing customer retention rates by 5% increases profits by a sizeable amount - from 25% to 95%! That means any brand loyalty programme that you implement will likely give you a fantastic ROI.

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