Engaging the Potential Customers with an Appealing Email Newsletter

Engaging the Potential Customers with an Appealing Email Newsletter

In recent time, email marketing has bought hype in the complete marketing industry.

​Traditional marketing is nowhere seen amongst the major industry influencers, all business are relying on various tools like designmodo newsletter templates, email templates, and other things to manage their email marketing campaigns perfectly.

As of the year 2019, the overall spending by the US on email advertising has reached 350 million US dollars which were only 270 million US dollars back in 2015.
All thanks to the rapid evolution in the technology trends!
And when we talk about email newsletters, it has a long way to go because people are actually influenced by newsletters (if it’s done the right way). This can further convert those interested users into loyal leads.
Let’s have a closer look at what exactly email newsletters are and how they have influenced the marketing industry is such a short period.

Understanding email newsletters and its Impact

Email newsletters are the method to keep your customers informed about the latest updates, news, tips, and other information about your company products and services. You can promote your services and products to the customers either on a weekly or monthly basis and engage the potential customers towards your brand name.
But wait! It’s not that simple.
At an average, 51% of people unsubscribe from the newsletters if they find your newsletter design boring, irrelevant, or even if you are sending them very frequently. So, it’s very important that you get your newsletter perfectly designed and optimized so that the customers eagerly open up the newsletter and turn into leads.
In simple words, the design of your email newsletter is going to decide whether it is helping or hurting your business. Want to explore more how you can improve your email newsletter design in order to grab the customer’s attention? Let’s have a look!

Tips to build an engaging email newsletter design

Email newsletter design includes every corner that plays a role in creating a promotional email newsletter. It basically comprises of- subject lines, branding, colors, fonts, formatting, and images.
But this is not where it ends- there are things which you don’t see but have a direct influence on your customers. It also includes the goal you have to accomplish.
Let’s waste no more time and get through the top design tips that can end up in creating an appealing email newsletter design no matter who is your target audience.

Write an influencing subject line

A subject line holds the potential to either make or break the email marketing campaigns. Majority of email recipients open an email if the subject line seems relevant and others report them as SPAM.
So, you have a clear-cut idea of how a subject line can bring a customer towards your brand name. Try sticking to these points while making a subject line:

  • You need to have a mobile-friendly subject line, i.e., you must ensure that the subject line looks great on all kind of mobile devices and tablets.
  • Make your subject lines original and fresh because users get bored frequently.
  • Make your subject line creative by using relevant emojis and draw customers attention.

Give a thought while finalizing the sender’s name

If you receive an email from a random sender’s name that you’ve never heard of, people delete them right away. So, go for some sensible names and try using the brand name as the sender’s name.

Go for a reliable email template

In order to ensure that your email newsletter looks unique and attractive enough to catch customer’s attention, you must rely on some good email template. It will offer a better representation of the content you are displaying, and this will definitely help you in engaging maximum people.
Moreover, go for a responsive email design template that can easily adjust the images and other parameters on all kind of screens and devices.

Consistency is a must for brand recognition

An email newsletter is a part of your brand that showcases your business in a better way. You are going to use logo, same pictures, and other parameters while sharing over the social media platforms. But make sure that you emphasize on consistency as well.
Try sticking to one particular email design template throughout all your email newsletters. This will make customers feel familiar with your brand and thus helps in better customer engagement.

Use smart color schemes

Of course, you need to have a color scheme for your newsletter. And as you are going to add logo to your header, try using the logo’s color as your font color throughout the content in the newsletter. So, your logo colors are going to act as the color palette for all the things- font colors, borders, and other necessary parameters.

Don’t miss subheadings

Your email newsletter must look like a newspaper that has numerous interesting subheadings rather than simply putting paragraphs and text all over the newsletter. Use clear fonts with your sub headings, use smaller fonts than the regular font size of the header.

Pictures are a must

An ideal email newsletter is a mix of relevant content and images. In fact, users get attracted to pictures right away rather than reading the boring text all over. You can add relevant and eye-catching pictures that not only grab the customer’s attention but even deliver your business idea and goal clearly. And don’t forget to optimize your images, make sure that the key information doesn’t hide in the image because delivering the message is more important.

Make the content scannable

As we read above, you must try avoiding long paragraphs. You must use small sub-headings, keep the content short and precise, and use bullets wherever possible. Otherwise, the visitor will get lost in the newsletter and will not continue reading it. And if your content is easy to scan, the users will definitely spend good time over your newsletter and will land upon the call to actions.
In this ever-evolving digital world, it's necessary to stand unique in order to beat the stiff competition. Well, if you implement the above design tips in your email newsletter, you’ll definitely be able to engage customers as never before and popularize your brand name in the market.

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Sandra Wilson
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