Effective ecommerce strategies - tips to help you reach more customers

Effective ecommerce strategies - tips to help you reach more customers

Ecommerce is a new economic trend that is here to stay for a long time.

Transcending beyond traditional trade, it allows people to buy and sell things without hampering their daily routine. Almost every business can avail it’sflexibility. However, it comes with a bunch of confusions too. Individuals and business owners have queries like, what payment method should they use? How to develop a market-fit product? How to attract buyers and retain old customers?

It is growing at an unprecedented rate all across the globe. According to an authentic survey, retail e-commerce sales ratio from 2014 to 2020 will take a hike of 200%.

Ecommerce adds an extraordinary potential to the business. By offering your products or services round the clock, using social media, and blogs, your business is no longer a remote store. It is a home of your products where you can expand the range without having to worry about lack of space. You can also innovate the products or customize according to clients’ needs.

To run a business, outranking competitors and staying at the top of their game is the primary goal of every entrepreneur. Ecommerce provides a good medium to achieve these targets. Nonetheless, boosting sales through online channels is like bowling a strike. You feel that it is pretty simple, while in reality, it is not. Despite it’s wide-scale acceptance, some business entities are still on the fence of entering into the world of ecommerce.If you are one of them, we recommend you to go through the following list of strategies. Theseprovide marketing tips for securing more customers and helping a business reach higher levels of success.

Enhance search usability

The traffic on any website comprises of two types, those who know what they want to buy and those who only want to browse. When designing your website, find out what the customers are looking for. This will help you design a high-performing search experience. As for those who are only interested in surfing through pages, focus on organizing the menu bar in intuitive and easy-to-use sections. You can improve search usability in the following sections:

  • Search scope
  • Design of autocomplete
  • Layout and features
  • Design of the search field
  • Filtering the results on the result page

Incorporate Instagram

Currently, Instagram has 500 million daily active users. Deemed as the fastest growing social media app, Instagram is successfully connecting individuals with celebrities, influencers, and brands. Success and following on Instagramdepend on the type of pictures you take and the content you offer. The key to mastering your presence on every social forum is to engage more with the customers. You may try running different competitions or go behind the scenes to reveal the product development process. Furthermore, to direct customers towards your product, you can insert links that will lead them to your website.

Launch a Facebook store

Viable Facebook tactics can help you get more customers in your online and offline stores. You can create a page or a group for your customers and integrate that with your online store. The goal is to make the old customers return and gain new customers, too. This is possible if you drive all your research on promotions, customer demands,the performance of competitors and seasonal demand changes.

Get more Email subscribers

Email marketing is an old and effective channel to market your products and retain old customers. Although Facebook ads and Instagram posts offer more exposure to your product/service, e-mail marketing provides a more intimate medium. People do not share their emails as often as posts on social media. Also, emails offer you the luxury of using more space to convey your messages, unlike social media where you have to be concise and to-the-point.

For this type of marketing, you must start working on the promotion of your blog, or newsletter. The content must be compelling enough. Next, you need to retain the essence of your email campaign. Once you have captured a bunch of emails, make sure that you stay in close connection with the customers. Keep sending them promo codes every now and then. Also, thank your high-value customers and solicit feedback.

Present helpful product descriptions

Digital strategies yearn to attract potential customers. Traditional shopping enables people to have a social experience where they can touch, feel and try out the products. E-commerce, on the other hand, depends only on product imagery and feedback. Show viewable thumbnails on the search results page, write accurate descriptions of your product and provide a comprehensive list of benefits associated with the product. All the while, make sure the content of your website matches what you show on the local Ecommerce mobile application. The more effort you put in your descriptions, the easier it gets for the customers to make purchase decisions.

Engage visitors with live chat

One of the main reason why some people still prefer old ways of shopping is that they can clarify their queries right away and return with satisfied purchases. Online stores are offering a similar service to their customers. They are making use of live chat to engage with the shoppers. Many live chat tools are available in the market. Incorporate any of them according to your affordability and ease. You can now answer customer concerns right away.

Embrace personalization

Personalization is a process that records what the customers viewed on their last visit to your website. The website then recommends them new suggestions on their next visit. As per BCG, personalization can increase sales by 10%. Personalization is not only based on past purchases but uses real-time data like location and time, as well.

When it comes to choosing an operable ecommerce strategy for your store, you need to experiment more and get creative. You can use either one or a combination of strategies to drive online sales.Proper execution of strategies will help you kick-start your virtual career and get functional instantly.

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