Domain Name Power: Turning Your Domain Name Into a Brand

Domain Name Power: Turning Your Domain Name Into a Brand

If you’ve launched your company you probably already have a domain and basic website going to support it. But when you want to develop your domain into a brand and really get your company’s name out there, what’s the best approach?

You need to do more than just insert your brand name into the domain. Some companies will tell you there are factors to consider other than just utilizing established SEO techniques. If you are ready to really get your brand off the ground then here a few helpful tips to get started:

Make Your Brand Meaningful

A brand is more than just a company name and a few catchy keywords. It can convey what your company is about and its goals with just a few short words and logos. To create a brand that gets consumers interested you don’t need to be elaborate. Instead, think about what your company means to you and distill it into a few ideas. It’s also useful to glean some inspiration from competitor brands so you can find a unique approach that will help you set yourself apart.

Push Your Brand Out onto the Web

Once you’ve got your domain established and your brand in mind, it’s time to expand out on the web. That means grabbing as much online real estate as possible. Think about where and how your customers might want to interact with your company. Consumers like to be connected to their favorite businesses on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more. Having a stake in these various social media platforms and making them an extension of your domain can easily generate brand awareness and consumer loyalty.

Keep a Consistent Message

An important part of your company is its unique message. Your brand can help promote that; but only if you have a consistent message. When you expand your domain into different channels it’s tempting to change your message and tailor it to the different platforms. This can be confusing to customers, however. You never know which channel a customer may use to first learn about your services. If there isn’t a consistent and clear message across all channels then consumers may be confused about what your company is about – or worse yet, they may feel you are being deceptive and be turned away.

Have a Brand that is Timeless, Not Trendy

No matter what type of industry your company is in, having the right brand can be a major asset. It can not only help express your business’s message, but generate growth. To make sure your brand keeps growing for years to come, go with something that has a timeless quality. It’s tempting to create something that embraces the latest trends to quickly grab consumer interest. But in the business world trends change quickly. You don’t want to end up with a brand that seems cheesy or outdated later on. Going for something classic instead is sure to give your brand a lot more staying power.

Posted by Carolyn Clarke

Carolyn Clarke
Carolyn Clarke is a serial entrepreneur turned business consultant who’s spent the past decade helping new businesses move from startups to successful operations, working closely with companies like BrandBucket. When she’s not in her startup sandbox, she enjoys camping in Lake Tahoe with her two kids, husband, and golden retriever, Scout.

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