Consent Management Platforms & Their Services

Consent Management Platforms & Their Services

In this century of technology and science, security risks and threats are reaching new heights.

This is not to say that technological advancements are bad; it simply means that as technology advances, security and privacy threats have increased. So that should be our top priority. Cookies! You must be a foodie if you are thinking about those crunchy chocolate cookies! Welcome to the age of technology, where cookies are small files that store information about the user when he or she visits your website. These are primarily used by website owners, marketers, and advertisers to collect user information for a variety of purposes. The best part is that privacy laws are strictly enforced here. GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) prohibits your cookies from collecting user data without their consent. This is where the cookie banner work starts. These banners can be obtained from a variety of CMP's (Consent Management Platforms). Let us know more about Consent Management Platforms and their services. 

What are CMP's? 

Consent Management Platforms are used by the companies to get compliant with data privacy laws. It is like a software that provides you control of the cookie banner that is to be displayed on your site for your visitors. It is important that you put a cookie banner on your site in order to get the consent of the user. This is the main priority of the privacy laws that you get consent of the users before the cookies on your site collect their data. So, consent management platforms provide the services of cookie banners, cookie policies and privacy policies. You can simply get yourself registered with a CMP and get the service that you require. 

Who Needs a CMP? 

Anyone who owns a website. Say a marketer, an advertiser, a seller or any service provider. All of these need a CMP to implement a cookie banner on their site. It is necessary for them because it is a legal requirement. The privacy laws are stringent about the privacy of consumers. So if you do not comply with the rules, you definitely will trouble yourself with hefty fines and penalties. 

What Services are Offered by CMP's? 

CMP's offer services which are basically relevant to data privacy and are bound with data privacy laws such as GDPR. Following are the broad services being offered by CMP's. 

  • Consent Management 
  • Assessments and certifications 
  • Documentations and policies 
  • Policies pack & Templates pack

The further sub-categorization of services that are encapsulated in broad services mentioned above are: 

  • GDPR Staff Training
  • Subject Request Management
  • Child Privacy Management
  • Consent Management Platform
  • GDPR Audit and certification
  • Breach management
  • Template pack
  • Vendor assessment
  • Policies pack
  • Data privacy experts 

How do CMP's Operate?

They operate on the guidelines and regulations subjected by privacy legislation. They have software which allows the client to log in their accounts and set the banner and its content from their dashboard. The dashboard contains different features relevant to the settings of cookies and banner content. It allows the management of vendors and cookies. 

Consent Management Platform’s (CMP's) operate by collecting details which the user has given consent for. This data is used for various purposes. The legality involved here is regarding this data that is going to be used by organizations and the cookies they fire. The website owners are obliged to explain the purpose of data collection. They have to tell where this data is going to be utilized. 

Key Aspects of CMP's 

Capturing consent of the visitor

Easy to get a form of capturing consent from the user. The preferences set should be easy to understand. 

The purpose of consent

The purpose of cookies should be acknowledged so that the user feels secure and trusted. The statement of purpose should be clear and convincing. 

Manual consent option

The users are given options in the banner to set their preferences and choose cookies that they permit to collect data. Also, the CMPs allow the website owners to manually choose vendors which they want to set on their site. 

Allow the users to give consent 

The banner has options as ‘’accept all’’, ‘’reject all’’ and ‘’preferences’’. If the user selects ‘’accept all’’, it means that the consent is given for all cookies to capture their data. If the user selects ‘’rejects all’’, it means that consent is not given and no cookies can collect data. There is another option ‘’preferences’’ which allows the user to choose which cookies are allowed to capture their data. It gives control to users regarding their data. 

Why do you need a CMP? 

Because you will never ever wish to entangle yourself in legal consequences and CMP's help you to get your head free of legal complications.CMP makes your website compliant and lets you win your customer’s trust. Also, your organization needs to comply with privacy rules for example having a privacy policy cookie policy and so on. CMP's allow you to have all these services at one stop. The implementation of cookie banners also becomes simpler and easier with the aid of CMP. 

What features do CMP's have? 

CMP's provide you with a variety of features.

  • Cookie banner
  • Feature to add subdomain
  • Block vendors cookies and tracking technologies
  • Google consent mode
  • Facebook consent mode
  • Child privacy
  • Consent logs
  • Language auto regional detection
  • Consent frequency
  • Scan report of website
  • Visuals
  • Banner content
  • Vendor manager
  • Cookie manager


Privacy of data is important to the consumer of the 21st century therefore as a website owner, you should be aware of data privacy regulations and their importance. Having a CMP can make your compliance path easier. It is very simple to implement a cookie banner on your site with the help of a CMP and it gives you multiple features to customize your banner as well. Seers is the leading consent management platform that has provided services with experts to millions of users. The fact to remember is that as a marketer or advertiser you will have to comply with privacy laws.

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