Cloud Hosting: Definition, Working, Fun Facts, and Future

Cloud Hosting: Definition, Working, Fun Facts, and Future

Cloud hosting is a new form of hosting where the required resources are spread across many web servers and are administered as per need basis.

The presence of more number of servers reduces the chances of downtime.
Also, Cloud hosting manage the peak loads efficiently by effectively using other servers and resources. Hence, with Cloud hosting, your site never relies on one server.

How Does Cloud Hosting Work?

Each server in the Cloud carries a particular set of tasks. In case, if any server fails to perform its functions, then another server temporarily kicks-in, acts as a back-up and render the required resources.
A similar thing happens in overloading!
On using low-quality server hardware, performance significantly gets hampered – it is the case with cheap hosting providers. And Cloud hosting provides the best in-built structure, best scalability features, is flexible, minimize downtime to an extent and has multiple server environment.
Cloud hosting is a notable improvement to the physical servers. Unfortunately, the knowledge required to create such setup is antiquated, but, the mainstream tech has started taking an interest in cloud computing.

Cloud Hosting Fun Facts

  • One-half of US government agencies use Cloud
  • SaaS is the best example which uses Cloud hosting solutions
  • Banking activities are mostly produced within Cloud
  • 60% of US's IT decision makers trust the security of Cloud
  • By 2024, public experience on the Cloud will increase by 44%
  • Cloud computing market might clear $160 billion by 2020

Cloud Hosting Future

Cloud hosting has paved a long way, and many large enterprises, tech companies and SMBs are using it from last many years.
As a result, the pricing of Cloud hosting has come down, and Cloud has moved into mid-size organizations. Many businesses have made worthy investments after moving into the Cloud, while those who haven't yet invested in this in-built server infrastructure, must invest as soon as possible.
The main reason why cloud computing isn't as accessible as it should have been is because the cost factor is still a concern.
But, one must be ready to expect and see more and more businesses making a shift to cloud as the new low-cost Cloud implemented applications are continuously coming and saying hiee to everyone. Infographic provided by Everdata.

Cloud Hosting 2019

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