Brand Packaging and Loyalty Are Part and Parcel of Marketing

Brand Packaging and Loyalty Are Part and Parcel of Marketing

When figuring out your marketing strategy, it’s easy to bypass how important packaging is to a consumer.

The data, however, indicate that packaging is more than just a way to get your product to the market, but In fact, packaging may be one of the best ways of getting your product to the consumer.

Great packaging goes a long way towards building customer trust, loyalty and a sense of comfort. That ends up translating into increased sales. The materials that go into making the packaging, the way the package communicates the product information, the ease of opening and handling the box, and the design itself all contribute to boosting the brand and influencing customer behavior.

The accompanying infographic, In Brands We Trust: How to Build a Connection Through Brand Packagin created by General Converting, Inc., shows what customers want in packaging and how packaging affects buying behavior. Not only does the infographic tell you what consumers value when it comes to packaging, but it also helps to explain why you should consider packaging an important part of your product marketing.

Impact of Brand Packaging from General Converting, Inc.

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