Are You Committing These Mistakes With The AngularJS Framework?

Are You Committing These Mistakes With The AngularJS Framework?

AngularJS, maintained by google, is one of the most capable and robust Javascript frameworks that has managed to create a niche in the technical world. The data binding feature is the highlight of this framework. It is an engaging option to all those who want to make the development process a great success.

Common AngularJS mistakes that the developers tend to commit:

Mistakes are a part and parcel of the learning and growing up process. Moreover 'It is not how we make mistakes, but how we correct them defines us' – A saying that encourages us to focus on how to do things correctly. The world of technology too encounters mistakes which when corrected lessens its impact. A development company often looks forward to hire a dedicated AngularJS developer with an assumption that they would come up with promising results. Today, let me take you through a list of mistakes that an AngularJS developer might end up with and how to avoid them.

1. A multitude of watchers:

AngularJS has it set of watchers that come into existence with every binding {{model}}. According to the experts, the maximum number of watchers should not exceed 2000 and if it does then it might affect the performance. Take measures to limit the number of watchers by avoid watching the scope models when you least expect them to change. This would to a large extent improve the performance of your website.

2. Not having the dot:

There are times when the ng-model goes without a dot. This might prove to be quite a blunder from the developer's point of view in regards to inheritance. The AngularJS scopes have a prototypal model inheritance and using a dot would be extremely beneficial while you handle nested scopes. It also avoids masking, as a new model would not be set in the current scope.

3. Excessive or less reliance on Automation:

We all love it when things all get automatically done with less of human efforts. The AngularJS too has a set of tools that aces up the development process. Npm, bower, Yeoman generator, gulp and brunch are some of the examples of these automation tools. Do not overindulge in these automation tools as it might spoil the overall performance and at the same do not totally avoid them as they help in process files, reload the browser and many such activities are eased out. It is always good to hire dedicated AngularJS developer who very well knows how to judiciously make use of automation.

4. Striving the server side scripting:

We all are aware that AngularJS was coined for front-end development works and hence should be put into practice for this purpose only. Do not try the server-side scripting ideas as this might not lead to favorable results.

5. Misinterpreting the isolate scope:

Isolate scope has its own set of advantages that needs to be properly understood so that yo do not end up with something that is not appreciable. Preventing directives from accessing or modifying the parent scope and encouraging reusability are some of the features that isolate scope gracefully carries with it. There are instances where the developer passes a bunch of properties into the directive's $scope, cascading downwards through a variety of child scopes, which is actually a wrong method of using the isolate scope.

Final Note:

These were some of the most common mistakes that an AngularJS developer might fall prey of. One of the best ways to avoid mistakes is to have a thorough knowledge of this Javascript framework. When you know where to go and how to go, you do not stand chances of committing a blunder. AngularJS, a javascript framework, has engulfed the entire world of technology with its rich and alluring features. This is what makes it even more demanding and hence cannot face the wrath of inaccuracy influencing its popularity.

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