AI Trends that can Exceptionally Boost Sales for B2B Marketers

AI Trends that can Exceptionally Boost Sales for B2B Marketers

In the world of digital marketing, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made a remarkable breakthrough.

It is now being considered to be one of the important tools that businesses will need to succeed in the market. Currently, the AI technology is being utilized in various ways which also includes digital marketing as it helps deliver seamless customer experience. Which, not only saves you time, but also saves money that you can further invest in your business. Although predicting the future of digital marketing is hard, these AI trends are sure to turn heads in 2019.

Recommendations through Virtual Reality:

1968 was the year that one of the most sought after inventions was introduced. Since then, both AR and VR have been a novelty to many customers as well as businesses. In 2017, a VR application known as Pokémon Go set the internet ablaze with its hard to resist features. Other than entertainment, some big companies such as IKEA has been utilizing both augmented and virtual reality to features its products. The application developed by the company enables customers to try place the desired furniture in their home through augmented reality. This has allowed the company’s market to increase in percentage, as compared to before.


The biggest examples of utilizing chatbots can be virtual assistants like Alexa and Siri. Just like that, several other AI chatbots can be programmed to help in engaging your customer to the newest content or products of your business. They can be utilized in creating emails, SMS, and applications. They can also be used to respond to the chat inquiries of your customers. Business giants such as Starbucks are already using such AI techniques for their advantage.

Search Made Easier with Voice:

While many may already know about the advantages of using Google voice search to comb out the data you require from the internet, businesses may use this to make their service more usable and easier to access for their customers.

How AI can Trigger Conversions

Artificial intelligence, a revolutionary invention by mankind, has presented unimaginable advantages in the marketing domain. Previously, it had already found a solution to employ itself in our day to day tasks, it has now established itself as a solid marketing tool in the business spectrum as well. From serving as an effective sales assistant to aiding in the personalization of the B2B marketing campaigns, artificial intelligence has paved the way for technology to outsource human involvement. In 2019, it only promises to increase the number of benefits in the marketing sphere as opposed to slowing down the productivity and boost in sales.
One of the most crucial benefits guaranteed by artificial intelligence is the facilitation of quality leads. Marketing plays a key role in increasing the sales and advances of a company. Hence, to achieve this, it is of paramount significance to develop an effective strategy that leads you to the right clients. You require proper insight into what they desire to accommodate their wishes and demands. However, the process of searching and addressing the needs of the customers can be time-consuming as you would have to obtain, examine, and then classify their data accordingly.
Artificial intelligence can act as a catalyst in this situation as it offers mass coverage. As a result, you can acquire customer data from diverse sources in a fairly limited time. The profitable feature of artificial intelligence is that it can transmit information from social media platforms, personal blogs, official websites, and even contact databases. Therefore, it can serve as a bridge between marketing strategies and the number of sales. Furthermore, most customers tend to disregard spam emails and divert them directly to the junk folder. Artificial intelligence can personalize emails in order to get their attention efficiently.
Hence, the amalgamation of artificial intelligence in the B2B marketing spectrum is not only an effective means to boost the sales but also a clever strategy to decrease human employment.

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