A Run Down of Enterprise App Development with the People-First Approach

A Run Down of Enterprise App Development with the People-First Approach

When you want to build a great app, you will need to focus more on the process rather than the product. You will need to align internal teams under one unifying banner — meeting the customer demands —which helps enterprise apps become great.

This People First approach may not be completely understood at this point, and may take a while for a majority of businesses to adopt, but one thing is for certain; it is the way to success.

This approach is used for building efficient organizational structures and working with some of the best enterprise apps in the world. This approach can lead to your business becoming an industry leader in mobile app marketing, as well as overcome difficulties in growth.

With a People-First approach for mobile app development Los Angeles companies, you have the mobile customer communication solution for enterprise apps, which offers tried and tested methods for product ideation and validation. Becoming a leader in measuring mobile marketing performance, you will need to have a blueprint of the People-First approach. This encompasses post-release innovation that is founded on customer data points and measured demand. All this will come down to only one thing: Getting your employees aligned around one unified rallying point, which is, your customer.

Through the People-First approach, you will learn about:

You Can Transform Your Delivery Funnel into a Delivery Chain

Everyone has seen Commercial and Product teams battling over opposing priorities, and this is if they’re not completely isolated by internal distance or outsourcing issues. This type of conflict is seen all over in the world of app development as it is seen with many different kinds of businesses.

The process by which the mobile app development is carried out tends to resemble what can be termed as the delivery funnel. This involves each team, ranging from the Marketing department to the Product department, working independently with hardly any communication.

This is considered a rather fragmented funnel now and is something that many companies have done away with. This is because these companies didn’t bother accepting that there was a problem, but had their attention towards fixing a problem they knew existed.  

Some companies that participate in studies in order to identify the issues they’re having list off a dozen byproducts produced through their app development process. They discovered that extended delivery cycles, an invalidated product, and stifled profits were a result of their fragmented funnel. And at the end of it all this was one person that suffered; the customer.

Ideally speaking, your customer forms the nexus of your product delivery funnel:

Your delivery funnel must become a delivery chain, and each team remains interconnected and integrated by this process of ongoing communication and collaboration. Consequently, every team experiences a lighter workload, reinforced communication and accountability, a sense of ownership, and top quality output.

Traditional Mobile App Development as Opposed to People-First App Development

People-first undoubtedly means getting everyone involved in your process in the shape of teams that communicate better.  Every member is engaged throughout every step of the process, starting with the drawing board to the post-launch support.

This approach can also be described as having less to do with actual process, and more to do with an attitude. It ensures that everyone in the delivery chain is ultimately answerable to the customer. At the time of project proposal evaluation, People-First encourages the visualization of a miniature customer near you, asking: “Will this have any value for you, the customer?”

When you put people first and essentially place your customer as the person to answer to, you ensure that everyone is answerable to the customer. Literally, the idea is radically different because you will envision a customer by your side questioning you, and it is this idea that makes you conscious of the fact that your representatives down the line will be answering a real customer if what you produce is not up to the mark.

The People-First tends to bring out the best in everyone, across all teams, no matter which part of the overall process they form. With a practical method of this kind that assures success for your product, there is no doubt that the People-First approach is the method that top app development companies like VeztekUSA Los Angeles adopt.

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Sani Abdul Jabar

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