A Guide to Freelancing in New Hampshire

A Guide to Freelancing in New Hampshire

If your travels as a digital nomad have led you to the boundless vistas of the New Hampshire dawn, you might be in luck, as it can be a wonderful place to put your freelancing skills to the test.

With exceptionally good internet speeds and countless sights to take your breath miles away at every corner, it is well worth checking out for anyone who wishes to adventure along the east coast and relishes in the rich history of the Granite State.

Here are some top tips to help you get started.

No Sales Tax

The lack of sales tax makes the state an enticing option for many entrepreneurial individuals, as it essentially means you pay less for products, allowing you to stretch your budget further.

This also means higher property prices, but as a digital nomad, this might not be high up on your list of priorities in the first place.

No Income Tax

New Hampshire does not currently have a state income tax, which is likely incredibly good news for freelancers, as your hard-earned take-home pay will be safe and sound.

Between the lack of sales and income tax, it may be a great place to adopt as your home state. Plus, it is a great place to start a family, being one of the safest states in the US

Finding the Right Insurance

New Hampshire is fairly small but rife with opportunities for the self-employed freelancers of the world.

Finding some expertly tailored New Hampshire business insurance aimed specifically for freelancers is a must in this regard, as keeping yourself covered can ensure you rest easy in the world of work.

Getting Around

New Hampshire is jam-packed with sights to see and activities to lose yourself in for a relatively small state.

To reach all of the best views however, a car is probably one of the better ways to get around, especially since public transportation is somewhat lacking in many areas.

However once you get to the cities and the hiking trails, the state is exceptionally walkable, Portsmouth and Manchester included.

High Earning Potential

According to U.S. News, New Hampshire is among the ten richest states in all of America. With high averages wages and great opportunities in the tech and manufacturing industries, the state beckons many freelancers to its short yet beautiful coastline.

Plenty of Beauty to Explore

Being unbound by locational restraints can be a sublime and enlightening feeling, but any experienced digital nomad will likely be able to tell you this.

There are so many stunning lakes, mountain peaks, forests, reserves, and parks to explore throughout New Hampshire, and the state might be ideal for anyone who wants to get their work done in a thriving city but escape into the beauty of the natural world on their downtime.

If you truly put your mind to it, you could even do a tour of the White Mountains in a single day.

Whether the urban or the rural, or an amalgamation of the two, has you most excited, New Hampshire has likely got you covered as a freelancer.

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